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    29 Drugs classified under this therapeutic system

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    full basket chart

    ACE Inhibitor. Captopril 12.5, 25, 50 mg.
    TABS: 90 x 12.5mg, 25mg, 50mg.
    Max. dly. dose: 150 mg. Hypertens: Initial: 25-50 mg 2 x dly in div. doses. Incr.
    intervals at least 2 wks: 100-150 mg dly in div. doses to reach target BP.
    Heart fail.: Init.: 12.5 mg BID or TID.
    Titrat. to maint. dose (75-150 mg dly) at intervals of at least 2 wks. depen. on pt. response.
    Type 1 diabet. nephropathy: 75-100 mg dly in div doses.
    MI, ren. impair., elderly: See lit.
    Hypertens., C.H.F., insulin depend. diabet. nephropathy in hypertens./nonhypertens. pts. when serum creatinine level < 2.5 mg/dl. Improve survival follow. MI in clinic. stable pts. with left ventric. dysfunct. manifest. as eject. fract. < or equals 40% and to reduce incidence of overt heart fail. and subseq. hospitalizat. for C.H.F. in these pts.
    C/I: Hypersens. Hypersens. to other ACE inhib.
    Hist. of angioedema assoc. with previous ACE-inhib. ther., hered. idiopath. angioedema.   2nd, 3rd trim. of preg.
    Concom. use with aliskiren contain. product in pts. with diab. mell. or renal impair. (GFR <60ml/min/1.73 m2). See lit.

    partial basket chart

    Purine Nucleoside. Adenosine 6 mg / 2 ml.
    VIALS: 6 x 6 mg/2 ml. 1st dose: 3mg given as a rapid IV bolus (over 2 seconds).
    2nd dose: If 1st dose does not result in
    elimination of the SVT within 1 to 2
    min., 6mg should be given also as a
    rapid IV bolus, followed by a rapid
    saline flush.
    3rd dose: If the 2nd dose does not result
    in elimination of the SVT within 1 to 2
    min. 12mg should be given as a rapid
    IV bolus. Higher doses are not recom.
    Paroxy. supraventric. tachycard. incl.
    Wolf Parkinson-White syndr.
    C/I: 2n or 3rd AV block (except in pts.
    with funct. artific. pacemaker), sick sinus
    syndr. (except in pts. with funct. artific.
    pacemaker), asthma. see lit

    Amiocard Tablets
    full basket chart
    Amiocard Tablets

    Class III Antiarrhythmic. Amiodarone HCl 200 mg.
    TABS.: 30. Initial tmt.: 3 tabs./d, for 8- 10 days. In some cases, the initial tmt. has involved higher doses (4 to 5 tabs./day), always for short periods and under ECG monitor.
    Maint. treatment: Seek the minimum effective dose, which varies depend. on the pt., ranging from 1/2 tab/d (1 tab. every 2 day.) to 2 tabs. every day.
    Coronary insufficiency arrhythmias resistant to other treatments.
    C/I: Hypersens. Pts. with Sinus bradycard. & sinoatrial heart block without pacemaker. –Sinus node dis. (Sick sinus syndrome) without a pacemaker (risk of sinus arrest).
    Severe AV conduct. disord. without a pacemaker. Thyroid dysfunct. Preg.- unless exceptional circumstance. Lact. Comb. with med. products liable to induce torsades de pointes.

    Amiodacore Injection
    partial basket chart
    Amiodacore Injection

    Class III Antiarrhythmic. Amiodarone HCl 150 mg / 3 ml.
    AMPS: 6, 5 x 150 mg/3 ml. 5 mg/kg
    given by IV infusion over a period of
    20 min. to 2 hrs. See lit.
    Tmt should be init. and monit. only under
    hospital or specialist superv. Indic. for
    Coronary insuffic., arrhythmias resistant to
    other tms, Wolff Parkinson White
    Syndrome. Can be used where a rapid
    response is required or where oral admin. is
    not possible.
    C/I: Sinus bradycardia, SA heart block,
    thyroid dysfunction, sev. resp. failure,
    circulatory collapse, arterial hypoten.;
    hypoten., heart failure and
    cardiomyopathy C/I when using a bolus
    inj. hypersens. to iodine or the drug,
    comb. with drugs that may induce torsa.
    de. poin.; children up to 3 years old,
    pregnancy – except in exceptional
    circumst., lactation. See lit.

    Brinavess 20 mg/ml
    not in the basket chart
    Brinavess 20 mg/ml

    Antiarrhythmics Class I and III. Vernakalant (as HCl) 20 mg/ml.
    VIAL: 1×10, 25 ml. Recom. init. infus. is 3 mg/kg to be infus. over a 10 min. period. pts. weigh. ≥ 113 kg, do not exceed the max. init. dose of 339 mg (84.7 ml of 4 mg/ml sol.). If conver. to sinus rhythm does not occur within 15 min. after the end of the init. infus., a 2nd 10 min. infus. of 2 mg/kg may be admin. Pts. weigh. ≥ 113 kg, do not exceed the max. 2nd infus. of 226 mg (56.5 ml of 4 mg/ml sol.). Cumulative doses of greater than 5 mg/kg should not be admin. within 24 hrs. There are no clin. data on repeat doses after the
    init. and 2nd infus. By 24 hrs. there
    appears to be insignificant levels of
    vernakalant. See lit.
    Rapid conver. of recent onset atrial fibril.
    to sinus rhythm in adults who are
    hemodynamic. stable For non-surgery pts.: atrial fibril. ≤ 7 d. duration. For post-cardiac surgery pts.: atrial fibrill.≤ 3 d. duration.
    C/I: Hypersen. Pts. with severe aortic
    stenosis, pts. with systolic blood pressure
    <100 mm Hg, and pts. with Heart fail. class
    NYHA III and NYHA IV. Pts. with prolon. QT
    at baseline (uncorrected > 440 msec), or
    severe bradycar. sinus node dysfunc. or
    2nd degree and 3rd degree heart block in
    the absence of a pacemaker. Use of IV
    rhythm control anti-arrhythmics (class I
    and class III) within 4 hrs. prior to, as well
    as in the first 4 hrs. after, drug admin.
    Acute coron. synd. (includ. MI) within the
    last 30 days.

    Carvedexxon 6.25, 12.5 mg
    partial basket chart
    Carvedexxon 6.25, 12.5 mg

    α/β Blocker. Carvedilol 6.25 mg, 12.5 mg.
    TABS: 30. Initial: 3.125 mg 2 x dly. for 2
    wks. Incr. at 2 wk. intervals to 6.25 mg 2
    x dly. foll. by 12.5 mg 2 x dly, then 25 mg
    2 x dly. Max: (less than 85 kg. wt.) 25 mg
    2 x dly., (over 85 kg. wt.) 50 mg 2 x dly.
    Symt. CHF, adjunct to standard ther., pts.
    unable to tolerate ACE inhibit., pts. not
    receiv. digitalis, hydralazine, nitrate ther.
    C/I: Hypersens., uncontrolled heart fail.,
    heart rate lower than 45/min.
    (bradycard.), severe hypotens. (systol.
    under 85 mmHg).

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