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    A. Preamble

    Medic website, owned and operated by Medic publications Ltd. (the “Company”), was created and constructed for the doctors’ community and for others taking interest in the medical and healthcare field (the “Internet Surfers”). The website offers the Internet Surfers global and Israeli medical information, original and translated, including articles, reviews, analyses, and additional information (the “Content”).

    Additionally, the website publishes indexes and information on service providers in the medical and healthcare field and third parties’ commercials, and the Company sends direct marketing messages to the Internet Surfers, all in fields relevant to the Content and the Internet Surfers.

    The MDconnect service offered in the website facilitates video-calls between medical companies and the Internet Surfers wishing to participate in such calls, in which the medical companies present the Internet Surfers with information regarding medicines marketed by the medical companies. The services are provided under the terms of use of the service.

    The use of this website is subject to and conditioned upon the consent of the Internet Surfers to these Terms and Conditions of use. By using this website and/or by purchasing products from the website and/or by accepting services through the website, the Internet Surfers signify their consent and obligation to act according to these Terms and Conditions.

    The Company may revise and update these Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior notice to the Internet Surfers. The updated Terms and Conditions will come into effect as of their publication on the website.

    The “Company” for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions of use means Medic publications Ltd. including its owners, directors, employees and any party acting on its behalf, and also the party operating the website and the suppliers of the Content.

    B. For you the use the website and its services you are required to confirm and declare the following:

    1. The Content

    You are aware that the Content of the website are for informational purposes only, is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical and healthcare advice, and does not constitute medical advice or opinion. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any medical condition or question you may have regarding a medical condition.

    You are aware that the publishing the Content and/or the services contents does not constitute recommendation or opinion on the part of the Company in connection with the Content and/or the services and/or the services contents, and any reliance on those is done under your sole discretion and responsibility.

    You are aware that the Company is not responsible to the Content and to the services contents included in the website, nor to their accuracy. Any use of the information included in the Content or services contents requires checks and validation by the Internet Surfers and is done under their sole responsibility, and, should you decide to rely on the information, you commit to verify its correctness through other means.
    You are aware that the Company is not liable to any information disclosed by you to third parties advertising in the website and/or making use of the website and/or the Company’s services or platforms, including data that may be disclosed by you within the MDconnect service.

    2.Rights and Intellectual Property

    You are aware that title and any other right, including but not limited to copyrights, patents, trade secret, distribution rights and any other intellectual property rights in the Content remains with the Company and/or with its licencors, and that all rights in design, textual expression, processing etc. remains exclusively with the Company.

    You are aware that your access to the Content is conditioned on you using the Content in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and subject to all applicable legal requirements, and that you will not publish the Content. Without derogating from the generality of the above, you hereby oblige not to publish the Content nor any other information in the website, in any form it may appear (including text, drawing, photo etc.), and not to copy, market, copy or print the Content and/or information as aforesaid for the purpose of publishing in anyway, unless the Company expressly permitted you to do so in writing.

    3.Data Privacy Policy

    See Data Privacy Policy


    You are aware that, despite the Company’s efforts to include in the website accurate Content, the Company is unable to ensure that the Content and/or the manner it is presented are accurate, complete or error-free, and the Company, its licensors, and its suppliers make no representations or warranties about the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or correctness of the Content, software, text, graphics, links, or communications provided on or through the use of the website.

    You hereby confirm that you exempt the Company from liability for any damage (including, without limitation, direct, incidental and consequential damages, personal injury/wrongful death, monetary, lost profits, or damages resulting from lost data or business interruption) resulting from inaccuracy as aforesaid and/or from the use of or inability to use the website or the Content, whether based on warranty, contract, tort, or any other legal theory. For the avoidance of doubt and without derogating from the generality of the above, the Company, its licensors and its suppliers, or any third parties mentioned on the website, are not liable for any financial damage or personal injury caused due to reliance of the Internet Surfers’ on the website or the Content, or to such damages caused to the Web Surfers which origins in third parties.

    You are aware that the Company does not supervise or monitor the contents published in the website by third parties, and thereby, the Company is not responsible or liable to them nor to their related services (sole responsibility applies to the advertisers and services suppliers. Accordingly, it is hereby clarified that the Company is not a party to the engagement of the Internet Surfers with such third parties, is in no way responsible to such engagement and is exempt from liability to all damage, direct or indirect, that may be caused.

    You are aware that in the event that the website links to other websites, the Company is not responsible or liable to the content of such websites not it confirms such contents.

    C. General

    The Company may block access to the Content from certain Internet Surfers in the event that such Internet Surfers used the Content not in accordance with any law and/or these Terms and Conditions and/or for any other reason as per the Company sole discretion.

    The exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute between the Company and the Internet Surfers and/or any third party, resides in the courts Tel-Aviv and is subject to the laws of the State of Israel.

    *For decisive information regarding this or that preparation, please see the Doctors leaflet approved by the Ministry of Health which can be found here: https://data.health.gov.il/drugs/index.html#!/byDrug