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  • Antiarrhythmics Class I and III
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    Brinavess 20 mg/ml
    not in the basket chart
    Brinavess 20 mg/ml

    Antiarrhythmics Class I and III. Vernakalant (as HCl) 20 mg/ml.
    VIAL: 1×10, 25 ml. Recom. init. infus. is 3 mg/kg to be infus. over a 10 min. period. pts. weigh. ≥ 113 kg, do not exceed the max. init. dose of 339 mg (84.7 ml of 4 mg/ml sol.). If conver. to sinus rhythm does not occur within 15 min. after the end of the init. infus., a 2nd 10 min. infus. of 2 mg/kg may be admin. Pts. weigh. ≥ 113 kg, do not exceed the max. 2nd infus. of 226 mg (56.5 ml of 4 mg/ml sol.). Cumulative doses of greater than 5 mg/kg should not be admin. within 24 hrs. There are no clin. data on repeat doses after the
    init. and 2nd infus. By 24 hrs. there
    appears to be insignificant levels of
    vernakalant. See lit.
    Rapid conver. of recent onset atrial fibril.
    to sinus rhythm in adults who are
    hemodynamic. stable For non-surgery pts.: atrial fibril. ≤ 7 d. duration. For post-cardiac surgery pts.: atrial fibrill.≤ 3 d. duration.
    C/I: Hypersen. Pts. with severe aortic
    stenosis, pts. with systolic blood pressure
    <100 mm Hg, and pts. with Heart fail. class
    NYHA III and NYHA IV. Pts. with prolon. QT
    at baseline (uncorrected > 440 msec), or
    severe bradycar. sinus node dysfunc. or
    2nd degree and 3rd degree heart block in
    the absence of a pacemaker. Use of IV
    rhythm control anti-arrhythmics (class I
    and class III) within 4 hrs. prior to, as well
    as in the first 4 hrs. after, drug admin.
    Acute coron. synd. (includ. MI) within the
    last 30 days.