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    5 Drugs classified under this therapeutic system

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    Ferring Pharmaceuticals
    full basket chart

    Progestogen. Progesterone 50 mg/ml.
    AMPS: 10 x 1 ml x 50 mg. 5-10 mg I.M.
    dly. for 5-10 days until 2 days bef.
    expect. menstruation.
    Dysfunct. uterine bleed., selected cases as
    add. tmt. infertil. such as IVF, Gift.

    Hexakapron Injection
    partial basket chart
    Hexakapron Injection

    Antifibrinolytic. Tranexamic Acid 500 mg / 5 ml.
    AMPS: 10,25. 5-10 ml I.V. 2-3 x dly. See lit.
    Gen. fibrin., prior to and foll. dental surg.
    in hemophils, epistax., conizat. cervic. 
    C/I: Thromboembol. dis., subarach.
    hem., acq. defect color vision.

    partial basket chart

    Levonorgestrel 52 mg.
    IUS: 1 releasing 20 μg/24 hrs. for 5 yrs.
    See lit. 1 unit in uterine cavity. In case of
    accident. pregn. system to be removed.
    Contracept., idiopath. menorrh., protect.
    endomet. hyperplas. dur. estrogen replace.
    C/I: Known or suspect. pregn., genital
    infect., suspect. or confirm. uterine/
    cervical malign., undiagn. abnorm.
    uterine bleed., congen./ acq. uterine
    anom. incl. fibroids, acute liver dis., liver
    tumor, ven. thrombo-embol., acute/
    recur. pelvic inflamm. dis., previous bact.
    endocardit., severe pelvic infect. with
    analom. card. lesion, prosthet. valve
    replace., arter. dis., immunodefic., acute
    malign. affect. blood, leukem. except
    when in remiss., recent trophoblast. dis.
    while HCG levels elevat.

    full basket chart

    Progestogen. Norethisterone Acetate 5 mg.
    TABS: 20. See lit.
    Dysfunct. bleed., primary and second.
    amenorrh., premenstrual syndr.,
    mastopathy, uterine hypoplasia, timing of
    menstruation, endometriosis.
    C/I: Pregn., severe disturb. liver funct.,
    Dubin-Johnson syndr., Rotor syndr.,
    past, present liver tumors, history
    jaundice, severe prurit., herpes during
    pregn., thromboembol. processes

    Provera 5 mg
    full basket chart
    Provera 5 mg

    Progestogen. Medroxyprogesterone Acetate 5 mg.
    TABS: 24 x 5 mg. See lit.
    Progest. supplement. Certain hormone
    dependent neoplasms (recur. metastat.
    endometrial carcinoma, renal carcinoma,
    breast cancer).
    C/I: Known sens. to compon., undiagn.
    vag. bleed., urin. tract bleed., breast
    pathology, pregn.

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