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  • Norethisterone Acetate
    6 Drugs classified under this active ingredient

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    Novo Nordisk
    partial basket chart
    Multiple ingredients

    Estrogen, Progestogen. Estradiol (as hemihydrate) 1 mg, Norethisterone Acetate 0.5 mg.
    TABS: 28 (dispenser pack). 1 tab dly at
    same time.
    HRT for menopause, vulvar and vag.
    atrophy (with intact uterus), prevent.
    osteoporosis in post-menopaus. women.

    Novo Nordisk
    full basket chart
    Multiple ingredients

    Estrogen, Progestogen. Estradiol (as hemihydrate) 0.5 mg, Norethisterone Acetate 0.1 mg.
    TABS: 28. 1 tab dly at the same time ea
    For women who have a uterus: Tmt.
    mod.-severe vasomotor sympts. assoc.
    with menopause, prevent.
    postmenopaus. osteoporos. If solely for
    prevent. postmenopaus. osteoporos.,
    ther. should only be considered for
    women at signif. risk of osteoporos. and
    non-estrogen medicats. should be
    carefully considered.

    Evorel Conti
    full basket chart
    Multiple ingredients
    Evorel Conti

    Estrogen, Progesterone. Estradiol (as Hemihydrate) 3.2 mg, Norethisterone Acetate 11.2 mg.
    PATCH (transderm.): 8. Applied individ.
    without interruption. TDSs should be
    applied twice wkly., every three- four
    days, to the trunk below the waist.
    Hormone replac. therapy (HRT) for the
    relief of menopausal sympt.
    C/I: Hypersens. Known current/ past or
    suspect. breast canc. Known/ suspect.
    estrogen-depend. malig. tumors (e.g.
    endomet. cancer) or pre-malign.
    tumors (e.g. untreated atyp. endomet.
    hyperplas.). Undiagnosed gen. bleed. Preg. / lact. Acute liver dis.,/ history of
    liver dis. as long as liver func. tests
    have failed to return to normal.
    Previous/current ven.
    thromboembolism (DVT, pulmon.
    embol.). Known thrombophilic
    conditions (e.g. protein C, protein S or
    antithrombin defic. Active/recent past
    arterial thromboembolic dis. (e.g. CVA,
    angina, MI). Porphyria.

    Novo Nordisk
    partial basket chart
    Multiple ingredients

    Estrogen, Progestogen. Estradiol (as hemihydrate) 1 mg, Norethisterone Acetate 1 mg.
    TABS: 12 white tablets: estradriol 1 mg,
    norethisterone 1 mg. 16 red tablets:
    estradriol 1 mg. 1 tab. dly for 28 days.
    Estrogen defic. sympts in postmenopaus.
    women with intact uterus, prevent
    postmenopaus. osteoporis.

    full basket chart

    Progestogen. Norethisterone Acetate 5 mg.
    TABS: 20. See lit.
    Dysfunct. bleed., primary and second.
    amenorrh., premenstrual syndr.,
    mastopathy, uterine hypoplasia, timing of
    menstruation, endometriosis.
    C/I: Pregn., severe disturb. liver funct.,
    Dubin-Johnson syndr., Rotor syndr.,
    past, present liver tumors, history
    jaundice, severe prurit., herpes during
    pregn., thromboembol. processes