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  • Progesterone
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    Evorel Conti
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    Evorel Conti

    Estrogen, Progesterone. Estradiol (as Hemihydrate) 3.2 mg, Norethisterone Acetate 11.2 mg.
    PATCH (transderm.): 8. Applied individ.
    without interruption. TDSs should be
    applied twice wkly., every three- four
    days, to the trunk below the waist.
    Hormone replac. therapy (HRT) for the
    relief of menopausal sympt.
    C/I: Hypersens. Known current/ past or
    suspect. breast canc. Known/ suspect.
    estrogen-depend. malig. tumors (e.g.
    endomet. cancer) or pre-malign.
    tumors (e.g. untreated atyp. endomet.
    hyperplas.). Undiagnosed gen. bleed. Preg. / lact. Acute liver dis.,/ history of
    liver dis. as long as liver func. tests
    have failed to return to normal.
    Previous/current ven.
    thromboembolism (DVT, pulmon.
    embol.). Known thrombophilic
    conditions (e.g. protein C, protein S or
    antithrombin defic. Active/recent past
    arterial thromboembolic dis. (e.g. CVA,
    angina, MI). Porphyria.