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    5 Drugs classified under this therapeutic system

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    Doxy 100
    full basket chart
    Doxy 100

    Tetracycline. Doxycycline Hyclate 100 mg.
    CAPS: 10. Acute infects: 200 mg on first
    day with food, then 100 mg dly. Acne:
    100 mg dly for 6-12 wks. Malaria proph:
    100 mg for 1-2 days prior to enter.
    malaria area. 100 mg dly. for durat. stay.
    To cont. for 3-4 wks. aft. leav.
    Infects. due to tetracycl. sens. bact., acne,
    prevent. malaria when other drugs not
    suit. or parasites resist.
    C/I: Pregn., lact., hypersens. See lit.

    partial basket chart

    Antiprotozoal. Miltefosine 10 mg , 50 mg.
    HARD CAPS.: 56×10 mg, 50 mg, 28×50 mg. Visceral leishmaniasis: Bdy. wt. 30–31 kg, 60 mg dly. Bdy. wt. 32–39 kg, 80 mg dly. Bdy. wt. 40 kg and above, 100 mg dly. An incr. to 150 mg could be consid. in pts. with a bdy. wt. > 67 kg under monitor. of the tolerabil. Cutan.
    leishmaniasis: The dly. dosage for child. aged 12 yrs. and older with a bdy. wt. of at least 30 kg, adolesc./ adult. with a bdy. wt < 45 kg is 100 mg miltefosine. Pts. with a bdy. wt. > 45 kg - 150 mg miltefosine dly. Should be taken withbmeals. Dosages of 2-8 hard caps./d
    should be divid. into 2-3 individ. doses to be taken either in the morn. and even. or in the morn., at noon and in the even. The duration of tmt. is 28 d. Immuno-compr. pts. may require prolong. tmt. See lit.
    Tmt. of visceral Leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania donovani , in adults/adoles.≥12 yrs. of age bdy. wt. ≥30 kg (66 lbs). Tmt. of cutan. Leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania brasiliensis complex or Leishmania mexicana complex, in adults/adoles. ≥12 yrs. of age bdy. wt. ≥30 kg (66 lbs).
    C/I: Hypersens. Pre-exist. severe damage of liver/kidney funct. Sjögren - Larsson Syndr. Preg. and WOCBP who do not use a reliable contracep. during and up to 5 mnths. after tmt. Women who can become preg. and have not had a preg. test. Women who can get preg. must have a urine or blood preg.
    test before taking this drug.

    not in the basket chart
    Multiple ingredients

    Antiprotozoal, Biguanide. Atavaquone 62.5 mg, 250 mg, Proguanil (HCl) 25 mg, 100 mg.
    TABS: 12, 24. Prevent. malaria: Adult: 1
    adult strength tab. dly at same time
    ea. day, start. 1-2 days bef. enter.
    malaria-endem. area. Cont. during stay
    and for 7 days aft. return. Ped: 11-20
    kg bdy wt: 1 ped. tab dly; 21-30 kg bdy
    wt: 2 ped. tabs as single dly dose;
    31-40 kg bdy wt: 3 ped. tabs as single
    dly dose; >40 kg bdy wt: 1 adult
    strength tab as single dly dose. Tmt.
    acute malaria (all for 3 consec. days):
    Adult: 4 adult strength tabs as single
    dly dose. Ped: 11-20 kg bdy wt: 1 x
    adult tab dly; 21-30 kg bdy wt: 2 x
    adult tabs as single dly dose; 31-40 kg
    bdy wt: 3 x adult tabs as single dly
    dose; >40 kg bdy wt: 4 x adult tabs as
    single dly dose.
    Prevent. and tmt of malaria.

    full basket chart

    Aminoquinolone. Hydroxychloroquine Sulphate 200 mg.
    TABS: 100. Initial: 2-3 tabs. dly. Maint:
    1-2 tabs. dly. Not recommend. for
    Malaria, lupus erythematosus, rheum.

    Quinine Sulfate
    full basket chart
    Quinine Sulfate

    Amino Quinolone. Quinine Sulphate 300 mg.
    TABS: 20. 8.3 mg/kg every 8 hrs. for 3
    days with concur. admin. tetracycline,
    clindamycin or pyrimethamine.
    C/I: G6PD.

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