Tzamal has been at the forefront of medical technology representing some of the most distinguished medical device companies in the world, for more than 35 years. During its first 25 years, the company represented established companies and focused on direct sales. Companies which chose Tzamal to represent them include Johnson & Johnson, Ohmeda (B&D) and Schneider (Pfizer).

Medical Innovation Specialists
Just over a decade ago Tzamal embarked on a bold and new path and therefore underwent a major reorganization. The company decided to devote almost a third of its resources to representing up and coming med-techs offering unique, innovative solutions. An intensive marketing program was introduced, specifically designed to familiarize the medical community with medical innovations. Thanks to this strategy, Tzamal is today recognized for its expertise in promoting and achieving sales for young medical technology innovators. The company is proud of  its unique ability to break-down barriers and guide hospital administrators throughout replacement of obsolete medical technologies with innovative ones.

Putting Patients First
Stunning results have shown the new company succeeded in surpassing the sales peak of its predecessor within half the time. Today Tzamal enjoys annual sales of over $27 million and growing. The secret of our success lies in great part in our continuous pursue for better patient care as a main goal..Our commitment to state-of-the art health care is what drives our outstanding results.

Comprehensive Solution
Tzamal is active in most major med-tech markets via its six subsidiaries:

Tzamal Jakobsohn – Innovative devices and technology for surgery, orthopedics, cardiology, neurosurgery and spinal applications.

Tzamal Bio-Pharma – Specialty biotechnologies and pharmaceuticals, orphan drugs for rare diseases

Tzamal M.P.VET – Veterinary products, technologies and equipment

Tzamal 2B Capital Medical Equipment – High-tech capital equipment for all areas of healthcare industry

Tzamal Medicare – Innovative technology for primary and home care

Tzamal D-Chem Laboratories – Chemicals for research

Actively Advancing Innovation
Besides marketing existing products\companies, Tzamal is also greatly involved in development of innovative new medical technologies by mentoring and financing promising medical technology start-ups in a wide variety of fields. Via its subsidiary Tzamal Investments the company is closely guiding and financing some two dozen young companies.