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  • Heartburn, Defrothicants, GERD
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    not in the basket chart
    Multiple ingredients

    Nicotinic Acid 0.2% w/v, Pepsin 0.6% w/v, Sodium Glycerophosphate 0.8% w/v.
    ORAL DROPS: 40 ml. Child: 20-40 drops
    aft. meals; Inf: 5 drops bef. and aft. ea.
    Gastric indigest., gastroenterit.,
    meteorism, chron. constipat., vomit.,

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    Antacid, Calcium Supplements. Calcium Carbonate 600 mg.
    TABS: 60. As antacid: 1-2 tabs. when
    Calc. supplem.: 2 tabs. 1-3 x dly. 1-1.5
    hrs. after meals Antacid, calcium defic.
    Hyperacid., heartburn, gastrit., pept. ulc,
    calc. supplement.

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    Multiple ingredients

    Adsorbant, Antiflatulent. Charcoal 140 mg, Simethicone 45 mg.
    CAPS: 48 (24 blue; 24 pink). 1 blue cap
    (gastro-sol.) and 1 pink (gastro-resist.) X
    3 dly. Bef. Meals.
    Anti-flatulent, for symptomatic
    treatment of stomach ache resulting
    from accumulation of gas, relief of
    sensation of fullness, meteorism,
    bloating and flatulence.
    C/I: Known hypersens.

    Controloc 20
    not in the basket chart
    Controloc 20

    PPI. Pantoprazole 20 mg.
    E.C. TABS: 30. Adult. & adolesc. 12 yrs. of
    age and above: Reflux dis. and assoc.
    symp. (e.g. heartburn, acid
    regurgitation, pain on swallowi.)-
    20mg×1/d. Symp. relief is gener.
    accompl. within 2-4 wks. If this is not
    suffic., symp. relief will normal. be
    achieved within a further 4 wks. When
    symp. relief has been achieved,
    reoccurring symp. can be control. using
    an on-demand regimen of 20mg×1/d,
    taking one tab. when requir.
    Long-term manag.& preven. of relapse
    in reflux esophag.: Mainten. dose- is 20
    mg×1/d is recomm., incr. to 40 mg ×1/d
    if a relapse occurs.After heal. of the
    relapse the dose can be reduced again
    to 20 mg.
    Adults: Preven. of gastroduod. ulc.
    induced by NSAIDs in pts. at risk with a
    need for contin. NSAID tmt.:
    Tmt. of reflux esophagitis & assoc. symp.
    (e.g. heartburn, acid regurgitation, pain
    on swallow.). For long-term manag. &
    prevent. of relapse in reflux esophagitis.
    Preven. of gastroduodenal ulc. induced
    by NSAIDs in pts. at risk with a need for
    continuous NSAIDs tmt.
    C/I: Hypersens., subst. benzimidazoles. Comb. ther. for the eradication of H. pylori in pts. with renal impair. or severe hep. impair.

    Controloc 40
    not in the basket chart
    Controloc 40

    PPI. Pantoprazole 40 mg.
    E.C. TABS: 14, 28. Tmt. mod-severe
    GERD: Adults/adolesc. 12 yrs and
    above: 1 tab x dly. Erad. H. pylori in
    comb. with 2 approp. antibiotics:
    Adults: Depend. On resist. pattern: a) 2
    x dly: 1 x 40 mg +1,000 mg amoxillin +
    500 mg clarithromycin; b) 2 x dly: 1 x
    40 mg + 500 mg metronidazole + 500
    mg clarithromycin; c) 2 x dly: 1 x 40 mg
    + 1,000 mg amoxicillin + 500 mg
    metronidazole. If comb. ther. not an
    option: Monother. as follows: Tmt.
    gastric/duod. ulc: 1 tab dly.
    Zollinger-Ellison syndr. + other
    hypersecret. conds: Long-term
    manage: Initial: 80 mg dly. Can titrate
    up/ down as reqd. Doses above 80 mg
    dly to be div. into 2 doses.
    Pts. with hep. impair.: dly. dose of 20
    mg exceed. in pts. with sev. hep.
    impair, must not be used in comb. tmt.
    For eradic. H. pylori in pts. with moder.
    – sev. hep. dysfunc. since curren. no
    data are availab. on the effic. & safety
    of Pantoprazole in comb. tmt. of these
    Short term tmt. of acute duod. ulcer,
    acute gastric ulcer, mod./sev. reflux
    esophagi., eradic. of H. pylori in comb.
    With clarithromycin and amoxycillin
    orclarithromycin and metronidazole or
    amoxicillin and metronidazole in cases of
    duoden. ulcer & gastric ulcer with the
    object. of reduc. of duod./gastr.ulc.
    caused by this microorganism, Zollinger
    Ellison Syndr.
    C/I: Hypersens., subst. benzimidazoles .
    Comb. ther. for the eradication of H.
    pylori in pts. with renal impair. or severe
    hep. impair..

    Controloc I.V.
    not in the basket chart
    Controloc I.V.

    PPI. Pantoprazole (as sodium) 40 mg/vial.
    VIAL: 1. I.V. only (if oral not
    appropriate), over 2-15 mins. Duod.
    ulc., gastric ulc., mod/severe GERD: 1
    vial (40 mg) dly.
    Long-term Zollinger-Ellison Syndr. and
    other path. hypersecret. conds: Initial:
    80 mg dly. Can be titrat. as reqd. Doses
    above 80 mg: 1 vial 2 x dly. Above 160
    mg not to be given longer than reqd.
    for adequate acid control. Rapid acid
    control: Initial: 2 x 80 mg within 1 hr.
    Trans. to oral form as soon as clin.
    C/I: Hypersens.

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