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    / SAM-ON

    Active Ingredient *
    Nicotinic Acid 0.2% w/v
    Pepsin 0.6% w/v

    Status in Israel

    Presentation and Status in Health Basket

    Presentation Basket Yarpa Pharmasoft

    Oral Drops

    40 ml

    not in the basket chart 9482 2096

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    Infants up to one year: 5 drops before food and 5 drops after food at every feeding (up to 50 drops daily).
    Infants 1-2 years: 20-40 drops after every meal.
    Children 2-5 years: 40-60 drops after every meal.
    Children 5-14 years: 0.5-1 teaspoonful of 5 ml after every meal. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.



    Gastric indigestion, gastroenteritis, meteorism, chronic constipation, vomiting, hypochlorhydria.


    See package insert (OTC).

    Special Precautions

    See package insert (OTC).

    Side Effects

    In addition to the desired effect of the medicine, during treatment unwanted side effects may also occur. In the event that you experience side effects not mentioned in this leaflet, or if there is a change in your general health, consult your physician immediately.

    Drug interactions

    If you are taking another drug concomitantly, or if you have just finished treatment with another medicine, including nonprescription medicines and food supplements, inform the attending physician, in order to prevent hazards or lack of efficacy arising from drug interactions.

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