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  • Cystic Fibrosis
    6 Drugs classified under this therapeutic system

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    Monobactams. Aztreonam 75 mg.
    VIAL (pwdr. & solven. for nebuliser sol.): 2 ml ×75 mg.  Pts. should use a bronchodilator before each dose of Aztreonam. Short act. bronchodilators can be taken between 15 min. and 4 hrs. and long act. bronchodilat. can be taken between 30 min. and 12 hrs. prior to each dose of Aztreonam. For pts. taking multiple inhal. therap., the recomm. order of admin. is as follows: 1. broncho-dilator 2. mucolytics 3. and lastly, Aztreonam. Adult. & child. 6 yrs and old.: 75 mg ×3/d per 24 hrs. for 28 d. should be taken at least 4 hrs. apart. May be taken in repeat. cycles of 28 d. on ther. follow. by 28 d. off Aztreonam ther. See lit.
    Indic. for the suppres. ther. of chron. pulmon. infect. due to P. Aeruginosa in pts. with CF aged 6 yrs. and older. Consid. should be given to official guidance on the appropriate use of antibact. agents.
    C/I: Hypersens.

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    rhDNase. Dornase Alpha 2500 IU / 2.5 ml.
    INHAL SOLN: (single-use amps): 30 x 2.5
    mg/2.5 ml. Use dly. in conjunct. with
    standard ther. Not for pts. under 5 yrs.
    or with FVC < 40%.
    Cystic fibrosis.

    Spiriva Respimat
    Boehringer Ingelheim
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    Spiriva Respimat

    Anticholinergic. Tiotropium 2.5 mcg.
    INHAL. PWDR. IN HARD CAPS: 30 + 1 HandiHaler device. 2 puffs comprise one medicinal dose. 5 mcg tiotropium given as 2 puffs×1/d at the same time of the day.
    In the tmt. of asthma the full benefit will be apparent after several doses of the medicinal product. In adult pts. with severe asthma, tiotropium should be used in addition to inhaled corticoster.(≥ 800 μg budesonide/d or equivalent) and at least one controller. See lit.
    COPD: Indicated as a mainten.  bronchodilat. tmt. to relieve sympt. of pts. with COPD.
    Asthma: indicated as add-on mainten. bronchodilat. tmt. in pts. aged 6 yrs. and older with severe asthma who experienc. one or more severe asthma exacerbate. in the preced. year.
    C/I: Hypersens. to tiotropium bromide, atropine or its derivatives, e.g. ipratropium/ oxitropium or lactose.

    Tobi Podhaler 28 mg
    partial basket chart
    Tobi Podhaler 28 mg

    Aminoglycoside. Tobramycin 28 mg.
    HARD CAPS (inhalat. pwdr): 224. Adults/
    child over 6 yrs: 4 caps 2 x dly (BID),
    taken in alt. cycles of 28 days on drugs
    follow. by 28 days off. To be inhaled as
    close as poss. to 12 hrs. apart, no less
    than 6 hrs. apart.
    Suppress. ther. chron. pulmonary infect.
    due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa in adults,
    child > 6 yrs with CF.
    C/I: Hypersens to active subs./excips.,

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