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  • Aztreonam
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    Monobactams. Aztreonam 75 mg.
    VIAL (pwdr. & solven. for nebuliser sol.): 2 ml ×75 mg.  Pts. should use a bronchodilator before each dose of Aztreonam. Short act. bronchodilators can be taken between 15 min. and 4 hrs. and long act. bronchodilat. can be taken between 30 min. and 12 hrs. prior to each dose of Aztreonam. For pts. taking multiple inhal. therap., the recomm. order of admin. is as follows: 1. broncho-dilator 2. mucolytics 3. and lastly, Aztreonam. Adult. & child. 6 yrs and old.: 75 mg ×3/d per 24 hrs. for 28 d. should be taken at least 4 hrs. apart. May be taken in repeat. cycles of 28 d. on ther. follow. by 28 d. off Aztreonam ther. See lit.
    Indic. for the suppres. ther. of chron. pulmon. infect. due to P. Aeruginosa in pts. with CF aged 6 yrs. and older. Consid. should be given to official guidance on the appropriate use of antibact. agents.
    C/I: Hypersens.