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  • Anthracycline
    5 Drugs classified under this drug class

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    partial basket chart

    Anthracycline. Doxorubicin (HCl) 2 mg/ml.
    I.V. INFUS. (liposome inject.): 1. Ovarian
    cancer: 50 mg/m2 I.V at initial rate of 1
    mg/min. Incr. rate if no infus. related
    AE’s observed over 1 hr., every 4 wks.
    for as long as pt. does not progress,
    shows no signs cardiotox. and cont. tol.
    to tmt. 4 courses recommend. See lit.
    AIDS KS: 20 mg/m2 I.V. over 30 mins.
    once every 3 wks as long as pt.
    tolerates and responds.
    Monother. in metastat. breast cancer,
    where there is incr. cardiac risk. 1st or 2nd
    line ther. of AIDS-related Kaposis sarcoma in pts. with low cd 4 counts and extens. mucocutan. or visc. dis. Tmt. of pts with metastat. carcinoma of the ovary who are refract. to both paclitaxel and platinumbased chemother. regimens and who may also be refract. to topotecan. Refract. is defined as a pt. having progress. dis. while on tmt., or within 6 mths of completing tmt.

    Doxorubicin Teva
    partial basket chart
    Doxorubicin Teva

    Anthracycline. Doxorubicin HCl 2 mg/ml.
    VIALS (sol. for inject.): 25 ml, 100 ml.
    Recommend. total dose: 550 mg/m² I.V.
    See lit. Recommend. schedule: 60-75
    mg/m² as single I.V. at 21-day intervals.
    See lit.
    To produce regress. in dissem. neoplastic
    conds. e.g. acute lymphoblast. leuk., acute
    myeloblast. leuk., Wilms’ tumor, nblast.,
    soft tissue/bone sarc., carc. breast, ovary,
    transient cell bladder carc., thyroid carc.,
    lymph of both Hodgkin’s and non-
    Hodgkin’s bronchogen. carc., gastr. carc.

    Epirubicin “Ebewe” 2 mg/ml
    partial basket chart
    Epirubicin “Ebewe” 2 mg/ml

    Anthracycline. Epirubicin HCl 2 mg/ml.
    VIALS: 1 x 10 mg/5ml; 1 x 50 mg/25 ml, 1
    x 100 mg/50 ml. I.V./intravesical use:
    Adjust accord. indicat., age, gen. cond.,
    card./hepat. funct., concurr.
    chemother., blood counts. See lit.
    Tmt. wide spectrum neoplast. dis., incl:
    breast, lung (high doses), ovarian, gastric,
    soft tissue, intravesical admin. for fic.
    bladder carcinomas and in proph. recur.
    transurethral resect. I.V. admin: Advanced
    bladder carcinoma.
    C/I: Hypersens. to epirubicin, other
    anthracyclines/anthracenediones, bone
    marrow depress., pre/exist./acute card.
    insuffic., buccal ulcerat., pregn., lact.
    See lit.

    Epirubicin Inovamed
    partial basket chart
    Epirubicin Inovamed

    Anthracycline. Epirubicin HCl 2 mg/ml.
    VIALS (sol. for inject.): 5 x 5 ml, 10 ml, 25
    ml, 50 ml, 100 ml. I.V./intravesical:
    Adjust accord. indicat., age, gen. cond., card/hepat. funct., concurr.
    chemother., blood counts. See lit.
    Tmt. wide spectrum neoplast. dis., incl.
    breast carc., lung carc. high doses, ovarian
    carc., gastric carc., soft tissue sarcoma.
    Intravesical admin. found benefic. tmt. fic.
    bladder carc., prophylax. recurr. aft.
    transurethral resect. I.V. admin tmt.
    advanced bladder carc.
    C/I: By I.V. route: Known hypersens.
    Severe bone marrow depress. follow.
    prev. chemother./ radiother. Pts already
    treated with anthracyclines such as
    doxorubicin/ daunorubicin up to
    relevant max. cumulative dose. Acute
    infects., existing inflamm. of buccal/GI
    mucosa. Progress. heart fail., arrhythm.,
    conduct. disords. with serious
    hemodynam. effects, acute inflamm.
    myocard. conds., unstable ang. pect.,
    acute MI/within 6 mths, cardiomyopath.
    By intravesical route: Tmt. of invasive
    tumors penetrating bladder wall.

    Mitoxantron “Ebewe” 2 mg/ml
    partial basket chart
    Mitoxantron “Ebewe” 2 mg/ml

    Anthracycline. Mitoxantrone HCl 2 mg/ml.
    VIALS: 1. I.V. infus. Adjust accord.
    indicat., general cond., blood counts.
    See lit.
    Chemother. advanced breast cancer, non-
    Hodgkin’s lymphoma, adult acute nonlymphocyt.
    leukemia, palliation of nonresect.
    prim. hepatocell. carcinoma. In
    combin. with corticosteroids: As initial
    chemother. for tmt of pts with pain related
    to advanced hormone-refract. prost.
    cancer. Reduc. neurologic disability and/
    or freq. of clinical relapses in pts with
    second. (chron.) progress., progressrelapsing,
    or worsen. relapsing-remitting
    multiple sclerosis (i.e. pts whose
    neurologic status is significantly abnormal
    between relapses) for ages 18-55 yrs only.
    Not indicated in tmt of pts with prim.
    progress. multiple sclerosis.
    C/I: Hypersens., bone marrow depress.,
    pregn., lact. Not for intrathecal use.