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  • Mitoxantrone HCl
    1 Drug classified under this active ingredient

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    Mitoxantron “Ebewe” 2 mg/ml
    partial basket chart
    Mitoxantron “Ebewe” 2 mg/ml

    Anthracycline. Mitoxantrone HCl 2 mg/ml.
    VIALS: 1. I.V. infus. Adjust accord.
    indicat., general cond., blood counts.
    See lit.
    Chemother. advanced breast cancer, non-
    Hodgkin’s lymphoma, adult acute nonlymphocyt.
    leukemia, palliation of nonresect.
    prim. hepatocell. carcinoma. In
    combin. with corticosteroids: As initial
    chemother. for tmt of pts with pain related
    to advanced hormone-refract. prost.
    cancer. Reduc. neurologic disability and/
    or freq. of clinical relapses in pts with
    second. (chron.) progress., progressrelapsing,
    or worsen. relapsing-remitting
    multiple sclerosis (i.e. pts whose
    neurologic status is significantly abnormal
    between relapses) for ages 18-55 yrs only.
    Not indicated in tmt of pts with prim.
    progress. multiple sclerosis.
    C/I: Hypersens., bone marrow depress.,
    pregn., lact. Not for intrathecal use.