BioAvenir is a family owned pharmaceutical company specializing in licensing, registering and commercializing pharmaceuticals and special products in Israel both to the private and institutional market. The Company is registered in Israel and initiated its marketing actively during the second half of 2004. The company’s shareholders are engaged in a business activity In the United Kingdom.

Our Vision
To be a qualified agent for foreign pharmaceutical companies in Israel.
To be a cooperation partner for small to medium size companies within the field of pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

Core Business
Licensing -BioAvenir has formed partnerships with several companies operating in regulated markets, mainly in the EU and North America. These partnerships consist of license and long term supply agreements. With BioAvenir’s ability to register and market products in Israel, and it’s desire to form long term supply partnership, BioAvenir is the ideal partner for medium sized pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.
Sales and Marketing – BioAvenir aims mainly to an added value generic products for hospitals, “difficult generic” which have an advantage over potential competitors, Medical devices and specialty drugs.

Sales and Marketing – BioAvenir aims mainly to an added value generic for hospitals, difficult generic, biosimilar, pain management drugs, drugs to treat rare diseases / orphan drugs, niche RX specially drugs.

Our Values & Competencies
Excellent business relationship with major institutions- health services providers and hospitals. Regulatory and registration expertise.Dedicated to high quality. Well acquaintance and experience in the field of Ophthalmology. Excellent personal relationship with opinion and policy leaders.

Our Strengths

  • Excellent personal and business relationship with major institutions- health organizations and hospitals.
  • Regulatory and registration expertise.
  • Dedication to high quality.
  • Excellent personal relationship with KOL’S.

International activity
BioAvenir’s shareholders have established a pharmaceutical company in Cyprus, called Nespera Pharma. Nespera is specializing in licensing and commercializing of pharmaceuticals and special products outside of Israel, mainly in North America and Europe. We have also established a company based In the United Kingdom which is dedicated to the development and commercializing of products in the field of pulmonary hypertension and cognitive, muscular and endocrine disorder.