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    Salomon, Levin & Elstein Ltd
    partial basket chart

    Domapine Agonist. Apomorphine HCl 10 mg/ml.
    AMPS (sol. for inject): 5 x 2 ml, 5 ml. For
    S.C. only. Establish pt on domperidone
    20 mg 3 x dly for at least 2 days prior
    to initiat. ther. Initiat. should be under
    specialist vis. Determinat. thresh.
    dose: Inject 1 mg (0.1 ml) S.C. dur.
    hypokinet. or “off” period. Observe pt
    over 30 mins for motor response. If no
    response, give 2nd dose 2 mg (0.2 ml)
    S.C., observe for 30 mins. Dose can be
    incr. with at least a 40 min-interval
    until a satisfact. motor response.
    Establish. tmt: A single S.C. inject. into
    lower abd. or outer thigh at 1st signs
    of “off” episode. Observe pt for the
    next hr. Precautions on contin. tmt./
    cont. infus: See lit.
    PEN FOR INJECT: 5 x 3 ml. For S.C. only.
    Pts. select. tmt. should be able to
    recognize onset of ‘off’ sympts. and
    capable of inject. themselves or have a
    respons. caregiver to inject them when
    req. As per above.
    Tmt. disabl. motor flucts. (“on-off”
    phenomena) in Parkinson’s dis. which
    persist despite individ. titrat. tmt. with
    levodopa (with a periph. decarboxylase
    inhibit.) and/or other dopamine
    C/I: Respir. depress., dementia, psychot.
    dis., hepat. insuffic. Pts who have an ‘on’
    response to levodopa that is marred by
    severe dyskines./dyston. Known
    hypersens. to apomorphine or any
    excip. Child, adolesc. under 18 yrs. of

    Cabotrim 0.5
    partial basket chart
    Cabotrim 0.5

    Domapine Agonist. Cabergoline 0.5 mg.
    TABS: 2, 8. Take with meals. Dose: See
    Tmt. dysfuncts., assoc. with
    hyperprolactinem., incl. amenorrh.,
    oligomenorrh., anovulat., galactorrh. In
    pts. with prolactin-secret. pituitary
    adenomas (micro/macro) idiopath.
    hyperprolactinem., empty sella syndr.
    with assoc. hyperprolactinem.
    C/I: Hypersens., any ergot alkaloid,
    uncontrolled hypertens.

    Cabotrim 1,2
    not in the basket chart
    Cabotrim 1,2

    Domapine Agonist, Ergot Derivative. Cabergoline 1 mg, 2 mg.
    TABS: 8, 20, 30 x 1 mg; 30 x 2 mg. See lit.
    Sympts. Parkinson’s dis., comb. ther. with
    l-dopa, monother. newly diagnosed
    C/I: Hypersens., uncontrolled
    hypertens., fibrot. reacts. (thicken./
    scarring) of heart, lung tissue/
    retroperitoneum, card. valve damage,
    pregn., lact.

    partial basket chart

    Domapine Agonist. Cabergoline 0.5 mg.
    TABS: 8. 1 tab. wkly. in 1 or 2 doses. If necess. incr. grad. by 1 tab wkly at
    mthly intervals. Maint: 1 mg wkly. with
    ranges from 0.25 mg-2 mg. Up to 4.5
    mg wkly. have been used.
    TABS: 2. Inhibit. lact: Admin. during 1st
    day (24 hrs.) post-partum: 1 mg (2 x 0.5
    mg tabs) as single dose.
    Suppress. estab. 
    lact: 0.25 mg (1/2 0.5 mg tab) every 12 hrs. for 2 days (1 mg total dose).
    Tmt. of hyperprolactinemic disord.
    Tmt. of dysfunct. assoc. with hyperprolactinem., include.  amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea, anovulat. and galactorrhea.
    Indic. in pts. with prolactin-secret. pituitary adenoma. (micro-and macroprolactinomas), idiopathic hyperprolactinem., or empty sella syndr.with assoc. hyperprolactinemia. Inhibit. and suppress. of lact.
    C/I: Hypersens. to cabergoline or  ergot alkaloid.
    Hist. of pulmon., pericard. and retroperitoneal fibrotic disord.
    Pts. with hep. insuffic. and with toxaemia of preg.
    Co-admin. with anti-psychotics or admin. to women with a history of puerperal psychosis.
    Admin. for long-term tmt. See lit.

    Norprolac (Starter Pack)
    Ferring Pharmaceuticals
    partial basket chart
    Norprolac (Starter Pack)

    Domapine Agonist. Quinagolide HCl 0.025, 0.05 mg.
    TABS: 3 + 3 x 25 μg, 50 μg (starter pack). 25 μg/day for first 3 days, foll. by 50 μg/day for 3 days. From day 7: 75 μg/day. See lit.
    2nd line tmt. hyperprolactinem.
    (idiotpath./due to prolactin secret. micro/
    macroadenoma) and clin. maninfests.
    (galactorrh., oligomenrrh., infertil.,
    reduced libido).

    Norprolac 75, 150 mcg
    Ferring Pharmaceuticals
    partial basket chart
    Norprolac 75, 150 mcg

    Domapine Agonist. Quinagolide HCl 0.075, 0.15 mg.
    TABS: 3 + 3 x 25 μg, 50 μg (starter pack);
    30 x 75 μg, 150 μg. 25 μg/day for first 3
    days, foll. by 50 μg/day for 3 days. From
    day 7: 75 μg/day. See lit.
    2nd line tmt. hyperprolactinem.
    (idiotpath./due to prolactin secret. micro/
    macroadenoma) and clin. manifests.
    (galactorrh., oligomenrrh., infertil.,
    reduced libido).