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  • Cabergoline
    3 Drugs classified under this active ingredient

    All the Active Ingredient Drugs

    Cabotrim 0.5
    partial basket chart
    Cabotrim 0.5

    Domapine Agonist. Cabergoline 0.5 mg.
    TABS: 2, 8. Take with meals. Dose: See
    Tmt. dysfuncts., assoc. with
    hyperprolactinem., incl. amenorrh.,
    oligomenorrh., anovulat., galactorrh. In
    pts. with prolactin-secret. pituitary
    adenomas (micro/macro) idiopath.
    hyperprolactinem., empty sella syndr.
    with assoc. hyperprolactinem.
    C/I: Hypersens., any ergot alkaloid,
    uncontrolled hypertens.

    Cabotrim 1,2
    not in the basket chart
    Cabotrim 1,2

    Domapine Agonist, Ergot Derivative. Cabergoline 1 mg, 2 mg.
    TABS: 8, 20, 30 x 1 mg; 30 x 2 mg. See lit.
    Sympts. Parkinson’s dis., comb. ther. with
    l-dopa, monother. newly diagnosed
    C/I: Hypersens., uncontrolled
    hypertens., fibrot. reacts. (thicken./
    scarring) of heart, lung tissue/
    retroperitoneum, card. valve damage,
    pregn., lact.

    partial basket chart

    Domapine Agonist. Cabergoline 0.5 mg.
    TABS: 2, 8. 1 tab. wkly. in 1 or 2 doses. If
    necess. incr. grad. by 1 tab wkly at
    mthly intervals. Maint: 1 mg wkly. with
    ranges from 0.25 mg-2 mg. Up to 4.5
    mg wkly. have been used.
    TABS: 2. Inhibit. lact: Admin. during 1st
    day (24 hrs.) post-partum: 1 mg (2 x 0.5
    mg tabs) as single dose. Suppress. estab. lact: 0.25 mg (1/2 0.5 mg tab)
    every 12 hrs. for 2 days (1 mg total
    Hyperprolactinem. disords, dysfuncts.
    assoc. with hyperprolactinem., prolactinsecret.
    pituitary adenomas, idiopath.
    hyperprolactinem., empty sella synd.
    with assoc. hyperprolactinem., inhibit.,
    suppress lact.
    C/I: Hypersens. to ergot alkaloid,
    uncontrolled hypertens.