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  • Fluorouracil 50 mg/ml
    / Salomon, Levin & Elstein Ltd

    Active Ingredient
    Fluorouracil 50 mg/ml

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    1000 mg / 20 ml

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    5000 mg / 100 ml

    partial basket chart 35269 6482


    Note: when using leucovorin (calcium folinate) – fluorouracil chemotherapy combination, strict caution should be exercised not to mix the 2 drugs in the same administration set because of incompatibility.
    Selection of an appropriate dose and treatment regime will depend upon the condition of the patient, the type of carcinoma being treated and whether fluorouracil is to be administered alone or in combination with other therapy. Initial treatment should be given in hospital and the total daily dose should not exceed 1 gram. It is customary to calculate the dose in accordance with patient’s actual weight unless there is obesity, oedema or some other form of abnormal fluid retention such as ascites. In this case, ideal weight should be used as the basis for the calculation. Reduction of the dose is advisable in
    patients with any of the following:
    1) Cachexia
    2) Major surgery within preceding 30 days
    3) Reduced bone marrow function
    4) Impaired hepatic or renal function
    Fluorouracil injection can be given by intravenous injection or, intravenous or intraarterial infusion.
    Fluorouracil injection should not be mixed directly, in the same container, with other chemotherapeutic agents or intravenous additives.
    Fluorouracil is applied alone and in combination with other cytostatic drugs. The
    fluorouracil dosage depends on the schedule opted for, the use of other cytostatic drugs, the application of radiotherapy and the method of administration. The total daily dosage will usually not exceed 1 gram.
    Children: No recommendations are made regarding the use of fluorouracil in children.
    Elderly: Fluorouracil should be used in the elderly with similar considerations as in younger adult dosages, notwithstanding that incidence of concomitant medical illness is higher in the former group.
    See prescribing information for full details.


    Palliative management of carcinoma of the colon, rectum, breast, stomach, and pancreas, in selected patients considered incurable by surgery or other means.
    As leucovorin-fluorouracil chemotherapy combination for cancer treatment.


    Fluorouracil must not be administered during pregnancy and lactation and to patients with a bone marrow dysfunction, caused by tumour infiltration, cytotoxic drugs or radiotherapy. Fluorouracil is not intended for the treatment of patients in a poor nutritional condition. It must also not be administered to patients with infections.

    Pharmachemie, Teva Group (S.L.E)