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    / Unipharm

    Active Ingredient *

    Status in Israel

    Presentation and Status in Health Basket

    Presentation Basket Yarpa Pharmasoft


    28 X 16/12.5 mg

    not in the basket chart 55581 9763

    Related information


    The usual dosage is generally one tablet per day.
    Please refer to the license holder for further details


    Essential hypertension, where monotherapy with candesartan cilexetil or hydrochlorothiazide is not sufficient.


    hypersensitive to candesartan cilexetil, hydrochlorothiazide or to any of the additional ingredients; pregnancy, planning to become pregnant; breastfeeding; hypersensitivity to sulfonamide medicines; gout; severe liver or kidney problems; biliary tract obstruction; aliskiren treatment and you have diabetes or kidney function problems; low blood potassium level; high blood calcium level.

    Special Precautions

    Impaired function of: the heart and/or blood vessels, the liver, the kidney/urinary tract (present or past); Diabetes; Lupus (SLE) (present or past); Recent kidney transplantation; Diarrhea and vomiting or have recently had severe vomiting; An adrenal gland disease called Conn’s syndrome or from primary hyperaldosteronism. Low blood pressure; Stroke; An allergy or asthma (present or past).
    Please refer to the license holder for further details.

    Side Effects

    A reduction in amount of sodium in the blood; Increase in potassium levels in the blood; Increase in levels of cholesterol, sugar or uric acid in the blood; Sugar in the urine; Dizziness and weakness; Headache; Respiratory tract infection; Sore throat (throat inflammation); Nasal congestion (inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes).
    Please refer to the license holder for further details.

    Important notes

    If necessary, the tablet can be halved or crushed for immediate use. Do not chew the tablet. 

    Trima Israel Pharmaceutical Products Maabarot Ltd. Israel