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  • Taxane
    5 Drugs classified under this drug class

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    Docetaxel Hospira
    partial basket chart
    Docetaxel Hospira

    Taxane. Docetaxel 10 mg/ml.
    VIAL (Conc. for sol. for infus): 1 x 2 ml, 8
    ml, 16 ml. I.V. use only, after dilut.
    Adjust accord. indicat. See lit.
    Breast cancer, non-small cell lung cancer,
    ovarian, prostate, esophageal, gastric
    cancer, head & neck (SCCHN). See lit.
    C/I: Hypersens., pts. with baseline
    neutrophil count <1,500 cells/mm3.

    Ebetaxel 6 mg/ml
    partial basket chart
    Ebetaxel 6 mg/ml

    Taxane. Paclitaxel 6 mg/ml.
    MULTIDOSE VIAL: 1 x 5 ml, 16.7 ml, 25
    ml, 50 ml.
    mg/100 ml. 135 mg/m², 175 mg/m² or
    210 mg/m² I.V. cont. infus. over 24 hrs
    or over 3 hrs. respectively every 3 wks.
    accord. to cond. To be adjust. accord.
    to pt. indicat., gen. cond., card/hepat.
    funct., chemother. blood count. See lit.
    Alone or in comb. tmt advanced
    carcinoma ovary; metastat. breast cancer
    aft. fail. comb. chemother.; prior ther. to
    have incl. anthracycline, unless clin.
    contraind.; adjuvant tmt. node +tve breast
    cancer admin. sequent. to standard
    doxorubicin cont. comb. chemother.
    advanced NSCLC; second line tmt of AIDS
    related Kaposi’s sarcoma, tmt. advanced
    gastric carcinoma.

    partial basket chart

    Taxane. Cabazitaxel 60 mg / 1.5 ml.
    VIAL: 1 + diluent.
    Dilute single use vial 2 x prior to
    admin. 25 mg/m² as 1 hr. infus. every 3
    wks in comb. with 10 mg oral
    prednisone admin. dly throughout
    tmt. If adverse reacts., reduce dose to
    20 mg/m². See lit.
    In comb. with prednisone in metastat.
    hormone-refract. prostate cancer
    (mHRPC) prev. treated with docetaxel
    based tmt. regimen.
    C/I: Neutrophil counts less or eq. to
    1,500/mm³, severe hypersens. to
    compon. or drugs cont. polysorbate 80.
    Category: 9b. Menorrhagia.

    partial basket chart

    Taxane. Paclitaxel 6 mg/ml.
    VIALS (sol. for inject.): 10 x 5 ml, 5 x 16.7
    ml, 4 x 50 ml. See lit.
    Advanced carcinoma ovary, alone or in
    comb., metastat breast cancer, aft. fail.
    comb. ther., prior ther. should have incl. an
    anthracycline unless clinically contraind.,
    adjuvant tmt. node-positive breast cancer
    admin. sequentially to standard
    doxorubicin-cont. comb. chemother.,
    advanced non-small cell lung cancer
    (NSCLC), assoc. with cisplatinum in pts.
    who are not candidates for potentially
    curative surg. and/or radiat. ther., second
    line tmt. AIDS-related Kaposi’s sarcoma.
    Advanced gastric cancer.

    Paclitaxel Teva
    Salomon, Levin & Elstein Ltd
    partial basket chart
    Paclitaxel Teva

    Taxane. Paclitaxel 6 mg/ml.
    VIALS (CONC. FOR Sol. INFUS): 1 x 5 ml,
    16.7 ml, 50 ml. Carcinoma ovary: Prev.
    untreat. pts. the recommend. reg.
    given every 3 wks for 4 courses is
    admin. I.V. over 24 hrs at 135 mg/m2 foll. by cisplatin 75 mg/m2. Pts prev.
    treated with chemother., recommend.
    reg. is 135 mg/m2 or 175 mg/m2 admin.
    I.V. over 3 hrs every 3 wks. Carcinoma
    o f the breast: Adjuvant ther: 175 mg/
    m2 admin. I.V. over 3 hrs. every 3 wks
    for 4 courses sequent. to standard
    combinat. ther. Metastat. breast
    cancer aft. fail. combinat. chemother:
    175 mg/m2 admin. I.V. over 3 hrs every
    3 wks. Non-small cell lung carcinoma:
    Recommend. reg. given every 3 wks:
    135 mg/m2, admin. I.V. over 24 hrs foll.
    by cisplating 75 mg/m2. AIDS-related
    Kaposi’s sarcoma: 135 mg/m2 I.V. over
    3 hrs every 3 wks or 100 mg/m2 I.V.
    over 3 hrs every 2 wks (dose intens.
    45-50 mg/m2/wk).
    Ovarian carcinoma, breast carcinoma,
    advanced non small cell lung cancer,
    Kaposi’s sarcoma. See lit.
    C/I: Severe hypersens. to paclitaxel or to
    any excip., espec. macrogolglycerol
    ricinoleate, pregn., lact., pts. with
    baseline neutrophils <1,500 mm3
    (<1,000 mm3 for Kaposi’s sarcoma pts.).
    In Kaposi’s sarcoma, concurrent,
    uncontrolled infections.