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  • Cabazitaxel
    1 Drug classified under this active ingredient

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    partial basket chart

    Taxane. Cabazitaxel 60 mg / 1.5 ml.
    VIAL: 1 + diluent.
    Dilute single use vial 2 x prior to
    admin. 25 mg/m² as 1 hr. infus. every 3
    wks in comb. with 10 mg oral
    prednisone admin. dly throughout
    tmt. If adverse reacts., reduce dose to
    20 mg/m². See lit.
    In comb. with prednisone in metastat.
    hormone-refract. prostate cancer
    (mHRPC) prev. treated with docetaxel
    based tmt. regimen.
    C/I: Neutrophil counts less or eq. to
    1,500/mm³, severe hypersens. to
    compon. or drugs cont. polysorbate 80.
    Category: 9b. Menorrhagia.