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  • Substituted Benzamide
    1 Drug classified under this drug class

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    Antipsychotic, Atypical Antipsychotic, Substituted Benzamide. Sulpiride 50 mg, 200 mg.
    CAPS: 30 x 50 mg. See lit.
    Schizophren. states with sympt. of
    apathy and apragmatism, acute
    confusional states, depress. states of
    various origins incl. geriat. cases,
    neurosis with psychomotoric inhibit.,
    childhood and adolesc. psychoses,
    prepsychotic states.
    C/I: Acute agitat., hypertens.,
    pheochromocytoma, Parkinsonism.
    TABS: 40 x 200 mg. See lit.
    Anti – dopamine. agent: 1. For use in
    peptic ulcer and vomit., vertigo,
    prepsych. states. 2. At high doses - in
    psychiatric pts. for tmt. of depress. and
    C/I: Hypersens.; Pre-exist. CNS depress.
    or coma; Pheochromacytoma, Acute
    agitation or mania, HTN; use of alcohol,
    barbiturates, opioids etc.