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  • Nitrates
    5 Drugs classified under this drug class

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    Monocord 20, 40 mg
    full basket chart
    Monocord 20, 40 mg

    Nitrates. Isosorbide Mononitrate 20 mg, 40 mg.
    TABS: 30, 60 x 20 mg, 30 x 40 mg. 40-60
    mg dly. Protect. ang: may incr. to 120
    mg dly.
    Tmt. ang. pect., prevent. ang. attacks.
    Tmt. CHF.
    C/I: Hypersens., hypersens. to nitrates/
    nitrites. Post MI/ cereb. hemorrh., head
    injury. Pts with glaucom., anem.,
    hypovalem., hypotension, shock, vascul.
    collapse, circulatory fail., or: HOCM,
    constrict. pericardit., card. tamponade,
    low card. filling press., valv. stenosis,
    increased intracran. press. Not to use
    concom. with meds. for erectile dysfunct.,
    e.g. sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil. Not
    intend. for tmt. dur. angina pectoris
    attack. See lit.

    Monocord 50 SR
    full basket chart
    Monocord 50 SR

    Nitrates. Isosorbide Mononitrate .
    S.R. TABS: 30. 1-2 tabs. dly. over 24 hrs.
    Tmt. ang. pect., prevent. ang. attacks. Tmt. CHF.
    C/I: As for Monocord 20, 40.

    full basket chart

    Nitrates. Isosorbide Mononitrate 40 mg, 60 mg.
    S.R. CAPS: 30. 1 cap. or in severe cases 2
    caps. dly.
    Proph. ang. pect.

    Nitroderm TTS
    full basket chart
    Nitroderm TTS

    Nitrates. Nitroglycerine 25 mg, 50 mg.
    ADHESIVE PLASTER: 10 (in vivo releases
    5 mg, 10 mg nitroglycerine/ 24 hrs.).
    Apply 1 plaster in 24 hrs.
    Proph. attacks ang. pect.
    C/I: Hypersens. Acute circulat. fail. assoc.
    with marked hypotens.(shock). Condit.
    assoc. with elev. intracran. pres.
    Myocard. insuffic. due to obstruct., as in
    aortic or mitral stenosis or constrict.
    pericarditis. Concom. use with PDE5
    inhib. e.g. sildenafil. Severe hypotens.
    (systole. blood pres.<90 mmHg). Severe
    hypovolemia. The onset of action of
    transder. nitroglycerin is not suffic. rapid
    for this product to be useful in aborting an acute attack. Allergy to the adhesives
    used in nitroglycerin patches.

    Nitrolingual Spray
    partial basket chart
    Nitrolingual Spray

    Nitrates. Glyceryl Trinitrate 0.4 mg/spray jet.
    METERED DOSE SPRAY: Single Pack: 1 x
    14.2 g (250 puffs). Dual Pack: 2 x 4.9 g (75 puffs) + 14.2 g (250 puffs)/per pack.
    0.4 mg-0.8 mg (1-2 sprays) under
    tongue when reqd. If no response,
    repeat aft. 10 mins.
    Relief and proph. ang. pect.