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  • Integrase Strand Transfer Inhibitor
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    Integrase Strand Transfer Inhibitor. Dolutegravir 10, 25, 50 mg.
    F.C.TABS.: 30. Adults: Pts. without documented or clin. suspect. resistance to the integrase class: 50 mg × 1/d . Pts. treated. with: efavirenz, nevirapine, tipranavir/ritonavir, or rifampicin: 50 mg × 2/d. Pts. with resist. to the integrase class: 50 mg × 2/d. Adoles. 12-17 yrs w/o resistance to integrase class: 50 mg × 1/d. See lit.
    in combin. with other anti-retroviral medic. products for the tmt. of HIV infect. in adults and adolescen. aged 12 yrs. and older and weighing at least 40 kg.
    C/I: Hypersens., co-administ. with dofetilide.