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    Hemofiltrates. Calcium Chloride Dihydrate 3.68 g/l, Disodium Phosphate Dihydrate 0.225 g/l, Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate 2.44 g/l, Potassium Chloride 0.314 g/l, Sodium Chloride 6.44 g/l, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate 2.92 g/l.
    BAG (Sol. for Heamodial./Haemofiltr.):
    2×5000 ml. The volume of the drug
    used will depend on the clin. cond. of
    the pt. and the targeted fluid balance.
    Adult/Adolesc.: 500 - 3000 ml/hr.
    Child.: 15 - 35 ml/kg/hr. The range of
    flow rates for the dialysis sol.
    (dialysate) in contin. haemodialysis
    and contin. haemodiafiltration are:
    Adult/Adolesc.: 500 - 2500 ml/hr.
    Child.: 15 - 30 ml/kg/hr. Comm. used
    flow rates in adults are approx. 2000
    ml/h which correspond to a daily
    replac. fluid volume of approx. 48 L.See
    CRRT (cont. renal replac. ther.) in critic. ill
    pts. with acute ren.fail. when pH and
    kalaemia have been restored to norm.
    and when the pts. need phosphate
    supplemen. for loss of phosphate in the
    ultrafiltrate or to the dialysate during
    CRRT. May also be used in cases of drug
    poison./ intoxic. when the poisons are
    dialysable or pass through the
    membrane. Indic. for pts. with normal
    kalaemia and normal or
    C/I: Hypersens.; Hyperkal.; Metab.
    alkalosis; Hyperphosphat.
    Haemofiltration/dialysis depend.
    contraindic.: Renal fail. with pronounced
    hypercatabol., if the uraemic symp.
    cannot be corrected with
    haemofiltration or haemodiafiltration, Insuffic. arterial
    pressure in the vascular access, Syst.
    anticoagul. if there is a high risk of