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  • Folic Acid Inhibitor
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    full basket chart
    Multiple ingredients

    Folic Acid Inhibitor, Sulfonamide. Sulphamethoxazole 200 mg / 5 ml, Trimethoprim 40 mg / 5 ml.
    PED. SUSP: 100 ml. Child: 10 kg: 1
    teasp. 2 x dly. 20 kg: 2 teasp. 2 x dly.
    30 kg: 3 teasp. 2 x dly. 40 kg: 4 teasp. 2
    x dly. Pneumocyt. carinii pneumonit:
    8 kg: 1 teasp; 16 kg: 2 teasp; 24 kg: 3
    teasp; 32 kg: 4 teasp. All every 6 hrs.
    Tmt of UTIs due to suscept. strains of the
    foll. organ.: Escherichia coli, Klebsiella,
    Enterobacter, Proteus mirabilis, Proteus
    vulgaris and Proteus morganii. Tmt of
    acute otitis media in child. due to suscept.
    strains of Hemophilus influenzae or
    Streptococcus pneumoniae. To date,
    limit. data is avail. on the safety of repeat.
    use in infants under 2 yrs. It is not indic.
    for prophyl. or prolong. admin. in otitis
    media at any age. Tmt of acute exacerb.
    of chronic bronchitis due to suscept.
    strains of Hemophilus influenzae or
    Streptococcus pneumoniae. Tmt of
    enteritis caus. by suscept. strains of
    Shigella flexneri and Shigella sonnei. Tmt
    of docum. Pneumocystis carinii
    C/I: Hypersens. to trimethoprim or
    sulfonamides or to any ingred. of the prep.
    Pts with mark. liver parenchymal damage.
    Pts with sev. renal insuff. where repeat.
    measur. of the plasma conc. cannot be
    performed. Pregn. at term, lact., in prem.
    babies and dur. the first 2 mnths of life.
    Docum. megaloblastic anemia due to folate

    Septrin for Infusion
    partial basket chart
    Multiple ingredients
    Septrin for Infusion

    Folic Acid Inhibitor, Sulfonamide. Sulphamethoxazole 400 mg / 5 ml, Trimethoprim 80 mg / 5 ml.
    AMPS: 10 x 5 ml.
    I.V. infusion only. Adults and child over
    2 yrs: 2 amps (10 ml) every 12 hrs. Child
    12 yrs. and under: Approx. 6 mg
    trimethoprim and 30 mg
    sulphamethoxazole/kg bdy. wt. every
    24 hrs. in eq. div. doses. As a guide: 6
    wks. - 5 mths: 1.25 ml every 12 hrs.; 6
    mths. - 5 yrs: 2.5 ml every 12 hrs., 6 - 12
    yrs: 5.0 ml every 12 hrs. See lit. Severe
    infects. all age groups: Incr. by 50%.
    Cont. tmt. until pt. sympt. free for 2
    days. Usual tmt: At least 5 days. See lit.
    for use in elderly, impair. ren. funct.,
    pneumocyst. carinii pneumonit.
    Bact. infects., infects. respir., gastrointest.
    tracts, skin.
    C/I: Hypersens., liver parenchymal
    damage, serious hematolog. disords.,
    severe ren. impair., prem. babies.