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  • Aminosalicyclic Acid
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    Mezavant 1200 mg
    not in the basket chart
    Mezavant 1200 mg

    Aminosalicyclic Acid. Mesalazine 1200 mg.
    GAST.-RESIST. PROLONG. REL. TABS.:60.  Adult., include. the elder. (>65 yrs.)
    For induct.of remis.: 2.4 - 4.8g (2-4 tabs.) should be taken once dly. The highest dose of 4.8g/d is recomm.  for pts. not respond. to lower doses of mesalazine. When using the highest dose (4.8g/d), the effect of the tmt. should be evaluat.at 8 wks. For mainten. of remis.: 2.4g (two tablets) should be taken once dly.
    For the induct. of clinic.& endoscop. remis. in pts. with mild to moder., act. ulcerat. colitis. For maintenan. of remiss.
    C/I: History of hypersens.  to salicylates (includ. mesalazine). Sev. renal impair. (GFR <30ml/min/1.73m²) and/or severe hep. impair.