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  • Glucose Monohydrate
    6 Drugs classified under this active ingredient

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    Marcaine Spinal 0.5% Heavy
    full basket chart
    Multiple ingredients
    Marcaine Spinal 0.5% Heavy

    Local Anesthetic. Bupivacaine (as HCl) 5 mg/ml, Glucose Monohydrate 80 mg/ml.
    STERILE AMPS: 4 x 4 ml. 3-4 ml (15-20
    Long acting local anesth. for spinal

    Cure Medical & Technical Supply
    not in the basket chart
    Multiple ingredients

    Amino acid solution (with electrolytes) 508 ml / 1000 ml, Glucose Monohydrate (42%) 302 ml / 1000 ml, Lipid emulsion 190 ml / 1000 ml.
    EMULS. FOR INFUS: 3 x chamber bags:
    986 ml, 1477 ml, 1970 ml, 2463 ml. To
    be individ and choice of size of bag
    depends on pt’s clin. cond., bdy wt.
    and nutrit. requirements. See lit.
    Parenteral nutrit. adults and child over 2
    yrs when oral or enteral nutrit. impossible,
    insuffic. or contraind.
    C/I: Known hypersens. to egg or soy
    protein or to any of the ingreds; severe
    hyperlipem.; severe liver insuffic., severe
    blood coagulat. disords; inborn errors of
    amino acid metabolism; severe ren.
    insuffic. without access to hemofiltrat. or
    dialysis; acute shock; hyperglycem.
    which requires more than 6 units
    insulin/hr; patholog. elevat. serum levels
    of any of the included electrolytes;
    general contraindicats to infus ther.;
    acute pulm. edema, hyperhydrat.,
    decompensat. card. insuffic. and
    hypoton. dehydrat.; hemophagocytot.
    syndr.; unstable conds. (e.g. severe posttraum.
    conds., uncompensat. diabetes,
    acute M.I., metabol. acidosis, severe
    sepsis and hyperosmolar coma); infants
    under 2 yrs of age.