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  • Botilium Toxin
    3 Drugs classified under this active ingredient

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    partial basket chart

    Bacterial Toxin. Botilium Toxin 50, 100, 200 U.
    PWDR. FOR INJECT: 50, 100, 200 U/vial. Spasm. torticollis: 25-300 units accord. to
    individ. req. Intervals of at least 10-12
    wks. strabismus: 1.25-5 units accord. to
    pt. req. Blepharospasm: 1.25-5 units.
    Axillary hyperhidros: Max. 50 U to each
    axilla. See lit.
    Spasmod. torticollis (cervic. diston.).,
    strabis. and blepharospasm
    assoc. with
    dyston., benign essential blepharospasm,
    nerve VII disords. in pts. over 12 yrs.,
    dynamic equinus foot deform. due to
    spastic. in ped. cerebral palsy, focal upper
    limb spasticity associat. with stroke. Temp.
    improve. appearance mod. to severe
    glabellar lines assoc. with corrugator and/
    or procerus muscle activity in adult pts. 65
    yrs. or less. Manage. prim. axillary
    hyperhidros. in pts. not respond. other
    medical symptomat. tmt.

    partial basket chart

    Botilium Toxin 300 U/vial, 500 U/vial.
    VIALS (pwdr. for inject.): 1. Ped. cerebral
    palsy: Initial: 20 units/kg bdy wt. (10
    units/kg if only 1 calf is affected) to be inject. into calf muscle. Max. dose:
    1,000 units/pt.; Spasmodic torticollis:
    Initial: 500 units as a divided dose into
    the 2 or 3 most active neck muscles.
    Doses above 1,000 units not
    recommend; Blepharospasm and
    hemifacial spasm: Initial: 120 units/eye.
    May be reduced on subsequent admin.
    Not to be repeated more than every 8
    wks. Adult arm spasm aft. stroke: 1,000
    U. Axillary hyperhydros: Initial: 100 U/
    axilla. Subseq. injects: 10 sites ea site
    receiv. 10 units intraderm. If desired
    effect not obtain: 200 U/axilla. Max.
    effect aft. 2 wks. Provides protect. for
    48 wks. See lit. Child: Safety and effect.
    not been demonstrat. Mod-severe
    glabellar lines: 50 U (0.25 ml) I.M. div.
    into 5 inject. sites. See lit. May repeat
    approx. every 16 wks. Interval betw.
    inject: Not less than 3 mths. Child: Not
    recommend. See lit.
    Dynam. ft. deform. due to spasticity in
    ambulant ped. C.P. 2 yrs and over,
    spasmod. torticollis in adults,
    blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm in
    adults, adult arm spasticity post stroke.
    Axillary hyperhydros., tmt. mod-severe
    glabellar lines.
    C/I: Pregn.

    Alphamedix Ltd
    not in the basket chart

    Neuromuscular Blocker Agent. Botilium Toxin (type A (150 kDa), free from complexing proteins) 50 U, 100 U.
    VIAL (pwdr. for sol. for inj.): 1,2,3,6 ×50, 100 Units. Dosage should be ajust. individ.
    Symptomatic treatment of blepharospasm, cervical dystonia of a predominantly rotational form (spasmodic torticollis) and of post-stroke spasticity of the upper limb presenting with flexed wrist and clenched fist in adults.
    Indicated for the temporary improvement in the appearance of moder.-severe vertic. lines betwn. eyebrows seen at frown (glabellar frown lines) in adults below 65 years when the severity of these lines has an important psychological impact for the pt.
    C/I: Hypersens. Generalised disord. of muscle activity (e.g. myasthenia gravis, Lambert-Eaton syndr.). Infect. or inflamm. at the proposed inj. site.