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  • Bacterial Toxin
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    Bacterial Toxin. Botilium Toxin 50, 100, 200 U.
    PWDR. FOR INJECT: 50, 100, 200 U/vial. Spasm. torticollis: 25-300 units accord. to
    individ. req. Intervals of at least 10-12
    wks. strabismus: 1.25-5 units accord. to
    pt. req. Blepharospasm: 1.25-5 units.
    Axillary hyperhidros: Max. 50 U to each
    axilla. See lit.
    Spasmod. torticollis (cervic. diston.).,
    strabis. and blepharospasm
    assoc. with
    dyston., benign essential blepharospasm,
    nerve VII disords. in pts. over 12 yrs.,
    dynamic equinus foot deform. due to
    spastic. in ped. cerebral palsy, focal upper
    limb spasticity associat. with stroke. Temp.
    improve. appearance mod. to severe
    glabellar lines assoc. with corrugator and/
    or procerus muscle activity in adult pts. 65
    yrs. or less. Manage. prim. axillary
    hyperhidros. in pts. not respond. other
    medical symptomat. tmt.