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  • Adrenaline
    2 Drugs classified under this active ingredient

    All the Active Ingredient Drugs

    full basket chart

    Sympathomimetic. Adrenaline 1 mg/1 ml.
    AMP: 1 ml x 25 amp. See lit.
    Relief respirat. distress due to
    bronchospasm. Rapid relief hypersens.
    react. drugs/other allergens. Prolongat.
    action infiltrat. anesthet. May be of value
    in restor. cardiac rhythm in cardiac arrest.
    Not to be used in cardiac fail./hemorrh.
    traum./cardiogen. shock. Tmt. mucosal
    congest. of hay fever rhinit./acute sinusit.
    Relief bronch. asthm. paroxysms.
    Symptomat. relief serum sickness
    urticaria/angioneurot. edema. Openangle
    glaucoma. Relaxat. uterine
    musculature, inhibit. uterine contractions.
    Hemostat. agent in syncope due to
    complete heart block/carotid sinus
    hypersens., resuscitat. in cardiac arrest
    follow. anesthet. accidents.

    Xylonor Epinephrine
    A. Levy Dental Depot
    not in the basket chart
    Multiple ingredients
    Xylonor Epinephrine

    Local Anesthetic. Lidocaine HCl 36 mg / 1.8 ml, Adrenaline 22.5 mcg / 1.8 ml.
    CATRIDGE (sol. for inj.) : 50×1.8ml.
    Adult.: A single cartridge is generally suffic.. Two are used in case of large intervent. However, three may be used if deemed necessary for prolon. proced. Adolesc. 14-17 yrs., elderly: Usual. 1.8 ml. Do not exceed 3.6 ml in usual cases. Child. 6- 14 yrs.: Usual dose 1.35 ml (3/4 of a cartr.). Do not exceed 2.7 ml (1½ cartr.) in usual cases. Child. 3 – 6 yrs.: 0.9 to 1.8 ml (½ to 1 cartr.). Do not use child. <3 yrs. of age.
    For the produc. of local anaesthesia for dental proced. by infiltration or nerve block inj.
    C/I: Hypersens. Pts. with arter. hypertens. coron. dis., valvular card. dis. partic. sequelae to acute rheumat.fever (Due to the presence of adrenaline).