Naomi Shaco-Ezra is the founder and director of NSE.  Naomi Shaco-Ezra obtained a Bachelor of Science (BSc) with distinction in Pharmacy and a master’s degree (MSc) with distinction in Pharmacy from the School of Pharmacy, faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Among her duties:
Appointed pharmacist in leader import companies for medicines and medical equipment  and in industrial companies, Chief pharmacist in pharmaceutical warehouses and in a medicines manufacturing company, pharmaceutical factory, Responsible pharmacist (QP) in import companies of medicines.

Naomi Shaco-Ezra is also the CEO of Enzymed, Regulatory Breakthroughs, enterprise for advanced regulatory solutions in the healthcare industry.
The employees of NSE are pharmacists with Israeli pharmacy license.
Hence, we can provide our clients a full pharmaceutical service and quick solutions when necessary.