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    / MSD

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    5 ml

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    As with like other neuromuscular blocking agents, the dosage of Esmeron should be individualized in each patient. The method of anesthesia and the expected duration of surgery, the method of sedation and the expected duration of mechanical ventilation, the possible interaction with other drugs that are
    administered concomitantly, and the condition of the patient should be taken into account when determining the dose.
    The use of an appropriate neuromuscular monitoring technique is recommended for the evaluation of neuromuscular block and recovery. Inhalational anesthetics do potentiate the neuromuscular blocking effects of
    Esmeron. This potentiation however, becomes clinically relevant in the course of anesthesia, when the volatile agents have reached the tissue concentrations required for this interaction. Consequently, adjustments with Esmeron should be made by administering smaller maintenance doses at less frequent intervals or by using lower infusion rates of Esmeron during long lasting procedures (longer than 1 hour) under inhalational anesthesia.
    See prescribing information for full details.


    Adjunct to general anesthesia to facilitate tracheal intubation, to provide sheletal muscle veluration during surgery. As an adjunct in ICU to facilitate tracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation.


    Hypersensitivity to rocuronium or to the bromide ion or to any of the excipients.

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