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  • Rifamicines
    1 Drug classified under this drug class

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    partial basket chart

    Antibiotics, Rifamicines. Rifaximine 200 mg.
    F.C. TAB: 12. Travel. Diarr.: 400-1200mg/d (1– 2 tab ×2, 3/d). must not exceed 3 days.
    Hep.encephalop. and Non-complicated
    diverticular diseases: 800-1200mg/ d (2
    tab × 2, 3/d), durat. of a tmt. cycle should not exceed 7-10 days.
    For acute tmt., a sing. tmt. cycle is suffic. As maint. tmt., 1 cycle per month is carried out.
    Casual tmt. of dis. in pts. over 12 yrs. old
    caused by bact. in GIT sens. to rifaximine:
    Travel. Diarr. caused by non-invasive
    enteropath. bact.
    Hep. Encephalop. Non-complicated
    diverticular diseases.
    C/I: Hypersens. to the act. subst. or its