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  • Antimetabolite (pyrimidine analog)
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    Capecitabine Taro 500 mg
    not in the basket chart
    Capecitabine Taro 500 mg

    Antimetabolite (pyrimidine analog). Capecitabine 500 mg.
    TABS.: 120. Dosage should be ajust. individ.
    Standard dose: The dosage is determ. based on a measure. called body surf. area.
    The standard dose for adult. is 1250 mg per m2 of bdy. surf. area, taken twice a day (morn. & eve.). See lit.
    Adjuv. colon canc.: for the adjuv. tmt. of pts. follow. surg. of stage III (Dukes stage C) colon canc.
    Colorect. canc.: for the tmt. of pts. with advance. or metastat. colorect. canc.
    Advanc.  gastr. canc.: for 1st  line tmt. of advance. gastr. canc. in comb. with chemother.
    Breast canc. comb. ther.: in comb. with docetaxel is indicated for the tmt. of pts. with metastat. breast canc. after fail.  of prior anthracycline-contain. chemother..
    Breast canc. monother.: indic. for the tmt. of advance. or metastat. breast canc. after fail. of standard ther. includ. a taxane unless ther. with a taxane is clinical. contraindic.
    C/I: History of sev. and unexpect. react.  to fluoropyrimidine ther.
    Hypersens. to capecitabine or to any of the excipients, or fluorouracil.
    In pts. with known dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase (DPD) defic.
    During pregn. / lact.
    Pts. with severe leukopenia, neutropen., or thrombocytopen.
    Pts. with sev. hep. impair.
    Pts. with sev. renal impair. (CrCl <30 ml/min).
    Tmt. with sorivudine or its chemic.  related analog., such as brivudine If contraindic. exist to any of the med.  products in the comb. regimen, that med. product should not be used.

    Eli Lilly
    partial basket chart

    Antimetabolite (pyrimidine analog). Gemcitabine (HCl) 200 mg.
    VIALS: 1 x 200 mg. 1,000 mg/m².
    See lit.
    NSCLC, pancreat. cancer, bladder
    cancer at invasive stage. In com. with
    paclitaxel in unresect. local. recur. or metastat. Breast cancer who have
    relapsed foll. adjuvant/ neoadjuvant
    chemother. Prior chemother. should
    have included an anthracycline unless
    clin. contraindicat. in comb. With
    carboplatin for tmt pts. with recur.
    epithel. ovarian carcinoma who have
    relapsed at least 6 mths aft. platinumbased
    ther. Therapeut. activity:
    Advanced or relapse.
    epithel. ovarian cancer alone/in comb.
    with other chemother. agents.
    C/I: live attenuated vaccines, see lit.

    partial basket chart

    Antimetabolite (pyrimidine analog). Azacitidine 100 mg.
    VIAL: 1 x 100 mg. 1st cycle: 75 mg/m²
    S.C. dly for 7 days. Premed. for naus./
    vomit. See lit for subseq. cycles.
    Myelodysplastic syndr. subtypes. See lit.
    C/I: Hypersens. to azacitidine or mannitol, advanced malign. hepat. tumors.