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  • Antigrowth Hormone
    2 Drugs classified under this drug class

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    partial basket chart

    Antigrowth Hormone. Octreotide 0.05, 0.1, 0.5 mg/ml.
    AMPS (sol. for inject./infus.): 5 x 0.05, 0.1,
    0.5 mg/ml.
    Dosage must be ajust. individ. See lit.
    Prevent. complicats. follow. pancreat.
    surg., symptomat. control and reduct. GH
    and IGF-1 plasma levels in pts. with
    ecromegaly who are inadequate.
    controlled by surg., radiother. or dopamine agonist. Acromegalic unfit or unwilling to undergo surg., or in the interim period until
    radiother. becomes fully affect. Relief of
    sympts. associated with gastroenteropancreat.
    endocrin tumors: carcinoid tumors with features of the carcinoid syndr.; VIPomas; glucagonomas; gastrinomas / Zollinger- Ellison syndr. usually in conjunct. with select
    H2-antagonist ther; insulinomas, for preop.
    control of hypoglycem., for maint. ther.; GRFomas. Not antitumor ther., not
    curative in these pts. Emergency manage.
    Bleed gastro-esoph. varices second. to
    cirrhos. In comb. specific ther. such as
    C/I: Hypersens.

    partial basket chart

    Antigrowth Hormone. Pasireotide 0.3. 0.6, 0.9 mg/ml.
    AMPS: 30, 60 x 0.3 mg/ ml, 0.6 mg/ ml,
    0.9 mg/ ml.
    S.C inj., prefer. in top of thighs and
    abdomen. Adults: init.: 0.6 mg x 2 dly.
    for 2 mths. Then adjust accord. to pts. response and advers, react. Child.: no
    data. Hepatic impair. see lit.
    Tmt. of adult pts with Cushing’s disease
    for whom surgery is not an option or for
    whom surgery has failed.
    C/I: Hypersens., Severe hepatic impair.
    (Child Pugh C).