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  • Pasireotide
    1 Drug classified under this active ingredient

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    partial basket chart

    Antigrowth Hormone. Pasireotide 0.3. 0.6, 0.9 mg/ml.
    AMPS: 30, 60 x 0.3 mg/ ml, 0.6 mg/ ml,
    0.9 mg/ ml.
    S.C inj., prefer. in top of thighs and
    abdomen. Adults: init.: 0.6 mg x 2 dly.
    for 2 mths. Then adjust accord. to pts. response and advers, react. Child.: no
    data. Hepatic impair. see lit.
    Tmt. of adult pts with Cushing’s disease
    for whom surgery is not an option or for
    whom surgery has failed.
    C/I: Hypersens., Severe hepatic impair.
    (Child Pugh C).