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  • Rifabutin
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    partial basket chart

    Antibiotics. Rifabutin 150 mg.
    HARD CAPS.: 30.
    Gener. Admin. as a single, dly., oral
    dose at any time independ. of meals.
    Adult.: As monother.- Prophyl. of MAC
    infec. in immune-depres. Pts.: 300 mg
    (2 caps.).
    In comb. regimens: Non-tuberc.
    mycobact. dis.: 450-600 mg (3 to 4
    caps.) for up to 6 mnths. after negat.
    cultures are obtained.
    MAC tmt.: in comb with clarithromycin,
    the dosage of Rifabutin should be
    reduced to 300 mg after the 1st month
    of tmt.
    Pulmon. tuberculosis: 150 mg dly. (1
    cap.), for 6-9 mnths., or for at least 6
    mnths. after negat.cultures are
    obtained. Should be incr. to 300-450
    mg/d in pts. prev. treated with
    antituberculous drugs.
    Chron. tuberculosis where there is firm
    evidence of acid fast bacteria resist. to
    Rifampicin or to two other alternative
    Tmt. of infec. caused by MAC or other
    atyp. mycobact. where there is evidence
    of resist. bacteria as above.
    Tmt. of infec. caused by MAC or other
    atypical mycobact. in AIDS pts. in all
    cases not subject to the above
    Preven. of MAC infect. in AIDS pts. whose
    CD4 counts lower or eqval to 200mm3.
    C/I: Hypersens. /hist. of hypersens. to
    the active substance, other rifamycins
    (e.g. rifampicin). Preg. & lact. Child.