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  • Prasterone
    1 Drug classified under this active ingredient

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    Other sex hormones and modulators of the genital system. Prasterone 6.5 mg.
    PESSARIES: 28+ 6 vag. applicat. The recomm. dose is 6.5 mg prasterone (1 pess.) admin. once dly, at bedtime. the tmt. should be reassessed at least every 6 mnths. Missed dose, should be taken as soon as the pt. remembers. However, if the next dose is due in less than 8 hrs., the pt. should skip the missed pessary. Two pessar. should not be used to make up for a forgotten dose. See lit.
    Treatment of vulvar and vaginal atrophy in postmenopaus. women having moder.-severe sympt.
    C/I: Hypersens.
    Undiagnosed genit. bleed.
    Known, past or suspect. breast canc.
    Known or suspect. oestrogen-dependent malig. tumours (e.g endomet.cancer).
    Untreat. endomet. hyperplasia.
    Acute liver dis., or a hist. of liver dis. as long as liver funct. tests have fail. to return to normal.
    Previous/ current VT (DVT, PE).
    Known thrombophilic disorders (e.g. protein C, protein S, or antithrombin defic.).
    Active or recent arterial thromboemb. dis. (e.g. angina, MI).