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  • Mycophenolate Mofetil
    2 Drugs classified under this active ingredient

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    partial basket chart

    Immunosuppressant. Mycophenolate Mofetil 250 mg, 500 mg.
    CAPS: 100 x 250 mg.
    F.C. TABS: 50 x 500 mg. Dosage must me
    adjust. individ. accord. to indication and pt medic. condit. See lit.
    Concom. use with cyclosporine and
    corticosteroids for proph. of organ reject.
    in pts. receiv. allogen. ren., card. and
    hepat. transplants.
    C/I: Hypersensitivity to mycophenolate
    mofetil /mycophenolic acid. Lact.
    WOCBP who are not using highly
    effective contracept. Mycophenolate
    mofetil tmt. should not be init. in
    WOCBP without providing a preg. test
    result to rule out unintended use in
    preg. Mycophenolate mofetil should not
    be used during preg. unless there is no
    suitable alternative tmt. to prevent
    transplant rejection.

    Mycophenolate Teva
    partial basket chart
    Mycophenolate Teva

    Immunosuppressant. Mycophenolate Mofetil 500 mg.
    TABS: 10, 30, 50, 60. Tmt to be initiated
    and maintain. by appropriat. qualified
    transplant specialists. Ren. transplant:
    Initiate tmt within 72 hrs follow surg: 1
    g 2 x dly. Child/adolesc (2-18 yrs): 600
    mg/m2 2 x dly, max 2 g dly. Child under
    2 yrs: Not recommend. Cardiac/hepatic
    transplant: Initiate tmt within 5 days
    follow. surgery: 1.5 g 2 x dly. Children:
    Not recommend. Elderly (>65 yrs): Ren.
    transplant: 1 g 2 x dly; cardiac/hepat.
    transplant: 1.5 g 2 x dly. Severe chronic
    ren. impair: Max 1 g 2 x dly. Pts to be
    carefully observed. No data avail. for
    card./hepat. transplant in severe
    chron. ren. impair. Severe hepat.
    impair: See lit. Tmt during reject.
    episodes: Dos. reduct/interrupt. not
    reqd. See lit.
    Proph. organ reject. in pts. receiv.
    allogen. ren. and card. and hepat.