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  • Miconazole
    6 Drugs classified under this active ingredient

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    Multiple ingredients

    Antifungal, Corticosteroid. Hydrocortisone 10 mg/g, Miconazole (nitrate) 20 mg/g.
    CREAM: 15 g. Apply top. 1-2 x dly.
    Infect. of the skin caus. by dermatophytes
    or candida sp. in which inflamm. sympt.
    are prominent.
    C/I: Hypersens. to miconazole or other
    imidazole derive., hydrocortisone;
    Tuberculous skin infect., herpes simplex,
    vaccinia, all forms of varicella.

    Daktarin Cream
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    Daktarin Cream

    Antifungal. Miconazole (nitrate) 20 mg/g.
    CREAM: 15 g. Skin infects: Apply 1-2 x
    dly. for 2-5 wks. Nail infects: Apply 1 x
    dly and cover with plaster. Cont. 2
    mths. Ear infects: Apply 2 x dly. Cont.
    for 2-3 wks.
    Skin and nail infects. due to
    dermatophytes or candida. Also effect.
    against gram +tive cocci, thus used in
    mixed infects.

    Daktarin Oral Gel
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    Daktarin Oral Gel

    Antifungal, Antiinfectives. Miconazole 20 mg/g.
    ORAL GEL: 40 g.
    Oropharyngeal candidosis: Infants
    (6-24 mnths): 1.25 mL of gel x 4/d after
    meals. Adults, children (>2 yrs old): 2.5
    mLof gel x 4/d after meals.
    GI tract candidosis: Infants (≥ 6
    mnths), Children, Adults: 20 mg/kg/day x 4 divided doses. The daily dose
    should not exceed 250 mg x 4/d. See
    Oral mycosis (thrush), fungal infect. of the
    upper GI tract. Prevent. of oral thrush in
    pts receiv. long-termtmt with antibiotics,
    steroids, cytotoxic and radiation ther.
    C/I: Hypersens. to act. ingred.,exipient,
    or other imidazole derive.; infants under
    6 mnths. or in those whose swall. reflex
    is not yet suffic. developed; pts.with
    liver dysfunct.; Coadmin.of the foll.
    drugs that are subject to metab. by
    CYP3A4: Substr. known to prolong the
    QT-interval e.g., astemizole, bepridil,
    cisapride, dofetilide, halofantrine,
    mizolastine, pimozide, quinidine,
    sertindole and terfenadine; Ergot
    alkaloids;HMG-CoA reduct.inh. such as
    simvastatin and lovastatin; Triazolam,
    oral midazolam.

    not in the basket chart

    Antifungal. Miconazole (as nitrate) 2%.
    CREAM: 15 g. Apply 1-2 x dly on affect.
    area. Cont. tmt. till all signs of infect.
    disappear, usually 2-4 wks.
    Skin and nail fung. infects.
    C/I: Hypersens.

    full basket chart

    Antifungal. Miconazole (nitrate) 2%.
    CREAM: 15 g. Skin infects: Apply 2 x dly.
    Tinea versicolor: Apply 1 x dly.
    Skin and nail infects due to dermatophytes
    or candida.