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  • L-Alanine
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    Cure Medical & Technical Supply
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    Multiple ingredients

    Solution for Parenteral Nutrition. L-Glutamine 13.46 g / 100 ml, L-Alanine 8.2 g / 100 ml.
    Bottle (conc. for sol. for infus.): 50 ml,
    100 ml, 250 ml. I.V. Dly dose: 1.5-2.0 ml/kg bdy. wt. (eq. to 0.3-0.4 g N(2)-Lalanyl-L-glutamine/kg bdy wt. Max.
    dly dose: 2 g amino acids/kg wt in
    parenteral nutrition. See lit.
    I.V. parenteral nutrition regimen as
    supplement to amino acid solns. or an
    amino acid cont. infus. regimen. Extreme
    cases hypercatabol. stage such as major
    abd. surg., BMT, diffuse injury GI mucous.
    C/I: Severe ren./hepat. insuffic., severe
    metabol. acidosis., hypersens.