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  • Heparin Sodium
    2 Drugs classified under this active ingredient

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    Heparin EP Lock Flush Solution
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    Heparin EP Lock Flush Solution

    Anticoagulant. Heparin Sodium 10 IU/ml, 100 IU/ml.
    SINGLE DOSE VIAL: 10 IU/ml; 100 IU/ml x
    20 x 10 ml. See lit.
    Maint. potency I.V. device. May be used
    foll. initial placement of device in vein or
    aft. withdrawal of blood lab. analysis.
    C/I: Hypersens., severe
    thrombocytopen., uncontrolled active
    bleed. See lit.

    Heparin Sodium Teva 25000 IU / 5 ml
    not in the basket chart
    Heparin Sodium Teva 25000 IU / 5 ml

    Anticoagulant. Heparin Sodium 25000 IU / 5 ml.
    VIAL (Sol. for inj./infus.): 1×25000IU/5ml.
    Dosage must be individ.  adjust.
    Prevent. of thromboembol. disord. As part of the tmt. of ven. and arter. thromboembol. disord. (includ.  early tmt. of heart attacks as well as unst. angina. pect.). For the anticoagulant. in case of tmt. or operation with extracorporeal circul. (e.g.heart-lung machine, hemodialysis).
    C/I: Hypersens. Current/ prev. hist. of heparin-induced allergic thrombocytop. (type 2). Disorders assoc.  with a bleed. diathesis, e.g. thrombocytop., coagulopathies, sev. hep./renal/pancreat. disord. Disord. in which there is a suspect. lesion of the vascul. syst., e.g. GI ulc., hypertens. (>105 mm Hg diastolic), cereb. haemorrhage, traum. or surg. operat. involve. the  CNS, eye operat., retinopathies, vitreous  haemorrhage, aneurysm of the cereb. arteries, infect. endocarditis. Threatened miscarriage - Spinal anaesthesia, epid. anaesthesia, lumb. punct. - Organ lesions assoc. with a bleed. tendency. Use in preterm/newborns dueto benzyl alcohol content.