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  • Dinoprostone
    4 Drugs classified under this active ingredient

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    Ferring Pharmaceuticals
    partial basket chart

    Prostaglandin. Dinoprostone 10 mg.
    S.R. VAG. PESS. (with retrieval system): 5.
    Releases 0.3 mg/hr. 1 insert positioned
    behind post vag. fornix. If ripening
    within 12 hrs., remove. No more than 2
    consecutive inserts.
    Initiat. and/or continuat. of cervical
    ripening in patients at term, from 37th
    week of gestation, with bishop score of 6
    or less.

    Prostin E2 – Vaginal Gel
    partial basket chart
    Prostin E2 – Vaginal Gel

    Prostaglandin. Dinoprostone 1 mg / 3 g.
    VAG. GEL: 3 g x 1 mg, 2 mg.
    Initial: 1 mg. The pt. should remain in
    supine pos. for at least 30 min. Aft 6
    hrs: A second dose of 1 mg or 2 mg, if
    For labour induct. in term and near term
    pregn. women who have favor. induct.
    features and who have a singleton
    pregn. with vertex present.
    C/I: Hypersens. to prostaglandins or
    other constituents of the gel.
    For pts. in whom oxytocic drugs are
    general. contra-indicated or where
    prolong. contract. of the uterus are
    consid. inappropr. such as:
    Cases with a hist. of Caesarean sect. or
    major uter. Surg.; Cases where there is
    cephalopelvic disproport.; Cases in
    which fetal malpresentat. is present;
    Cases where there is clinical suspic. or
    definite evidence of pre-existing fetal
    distress; Cases in which there is a history
    of difficult labour and/or traumat. deliv.;
    Grand multiparae with over five prev. term pregnan.; Pts. with ruptured
    In pts. with a past hist. of, or exist.,
    pelvic inflamm. dis., unless adequate
    prior tmt. has been instituted.
    In pts. where there is clinic. suspic. or
    definite evid. of placenta praevia or
    unexplain. vaginal bleed. during this
    Pts. with active cardiac, pulmonary,
    renal or hepatic dis

    Prostin E2 10 mg/ml
    partial basket chart
    Prostin E2 10 mg/ml

    Prostaglandin. Dinoprostone 10 mg/ml.
    AMPS: 1 x 0.5 ml (alcohol. sol.). Extraamniot. use for ther. term. pregn. (100 μg/ml). Adapt. to pt. response. Prepare sol. cont. 100 μg/ml using diluent
    provided. Subseq. instils. vary 1 ml-2ml (usually 2 ml) accord. uterine response. 2 hrs to elapse betw. instils. (Never less than 1 hr). Max. cont. admin: Not more than 2 days.
    Ther. abort. 1st/2nd trimester; evac.
    uterus missed abort; alt. to complete
    ther. terminat. when intra-amniot. saline
    injects. failed. Extra-amniot. route more
    effect. and better tolerat. than I.V. route.
    C/I: Hypersens., not to use extra-amniot.
    route in cervicitis/vag. infects. Pts
    already receiv. I.V. oxytocic drugs.