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  • Dimethicone
    4 Drugs classified under this active ingredient

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    Chamomilo Lice Buster
    Tree of Life
    not in the basket chart
    Chamomilo Lice Buster

    Dimethicone 92%.
    SPRAY: 120 ml. Apply to hair from roots
    to the tip. Leave on hair for at least 30
    mins after sol. has dried, optimally up
    to 8 hrs. Repeat tmt. aft. 7 days. Child
    under 2 yrs: per phys. instr. only.
    Erad. head lice and nits in adults, child and
    toddlers 2 yrs and older.
    C/I: Hypersens. See lit.

    Maalox Plus Tablets
    not in the basket chart
    Multiple ingredients
    Maalox Plus Tablets

    Antacid. Aluminium Oxide Hydrated 200 mg, Magnesium Hydroxide 200 mg, Dimethicone 25 mg.
    CHEW. TABS: 40. Adult. /elderly: 1-2 tabs. well chewed × 4/d. Taken 20 min. to 1h. after meals and at bedt. when required.
    Gastric or duod. ulc., gastrit., gastric
    C/I: Hypesens., abd. pain, renal insf.
    bowel obstr.

    Gilco Pharm
    not in the basket chart
    Multiple ingredients

    Medical Device. Benzyl Alcohol , Cyclomethicone , Dimethicone , Isopropyl Myristate .
    SOLN: 110 ml. Apply to roots of dry and
    combed hair over whole scalp. Leave
    for 10 mins. Rep. aft. 7 days. See lit.
    Erad. head lice without organophosphates.