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  • Blinatumomab
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    Monoclonal Antibody. Blinatumomab 12.5 mcg/ml.
    VIAL(concent. for sol. for infus.+ stabilizer sol. for infus.): 1×35mcg. Recommended dose (for adult patients at least 45 kg in weight): 1st Cycle Start. dose Days 1 – 7: 9 mcg/d via cont. infusSubseq. dose Days 8  28: 28 mcg/d via cont. infus. 2 week-tmt. free interval (Days 29  42)2nd cycle & subseq. cycles (Days 1 – 28): 28 mcg/d via cont. infus. See lit.
    Tmt. of adult pt. with Philadelphia chromosome-negat. relapsed/ refract.B‑cell precursor ALL. Limitations of use: After fail. of two previous tmts. and with no CNS involvem.
    C/I: Hyperses, lact.