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  • Betamethasone (as dipropionate)
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    Corticosteroid, Vitamin D Analogue. Betamethasone (as dipropionate) 0.5 mg/g, Calcipotriol (as monohydrate) 50 mcg/g.
    Enstilar foam should be applied to the affected area once dly. The recom. tmt. period is 4 wks. The dly. max. dose should not exceed 15 g, i.e. one 60 g can should last for at least 4 d. 15 g corresponds to the amount admin. from the can if the actuator is fully depressed for approx. one minute. A two-second application delivers approx. 0.5 g. As a guide, 0.5 g of foam should cover an area of skin roughly correspond. to the surface area of an adult hand. Concomit. use with other topic. products contain. calcipotriol in addition to Enstilar: the total dose of all calcipotriol contain. products should not exceed 15 g/d. The total bdy. surf. area treated should not exceed 30%.
    Ren. / hep. impair. The safety and efficacy in pts. with severe renal insuffic. or severe Hep. disord. have not been evaluated.
    Ped. population:The safety and efficacy in child. below 18 yrs. have not been establish. Enstilar is not indic. for child<18 yrs. of age.
    Topical tmt. of psoriasis vulgaris in adults.
    C/I: Hypersens.
    Pts. with  erythrodermic and pustular psorias.
    Pts. with known calcium metabolism disord.