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    Neopharm Scientific
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    Retinoid. Alitretinoin 10 mg, 30 mg.
    SOFT CAPS.: 30. The recomm. dose is 10 mg or 30 mg ×1/d. Recom. init. dose is 30 mg ×1/d. A dose reduction to 10 mg ×1/d may be consid. in pts. with unacceptab. ADR's. to the 30 mg dose. See lit.
    Durat. of tmt.: A tmt. course may be given for 12-24 wks. depend. on response. Discont. of ther. is recomm. in pts. who have achieved clear or almost clear hands earlier than 24 wks. Discont. of ther. should also be consid. for pts. who still have severe dis. after the init. 12 wks. of contin. tmt.
    The caps. should be taken with a main meal once dly., preferab. at the same time each day.
    Adult. who have severe chron. hand eczema that is unrespons. to tmt. with potent topic. corticosteroids.
    Pts. in whom the eczema has predominant. hyperkeratotic features are more likely to respond to tmt. than in those in whom the eczema predominan. presents as pompholyx.
    C/I: Pregn. is an absolute contraind. Woman of childbear. potent. unless all of the condit. of the Preg. Prevention Programme are met. See lit. Pts. who are allerg. to peanut, soya or with rare heredit. fructose intoler. Lactat. women. Pts. with hep. insuffic., severe ren. insuffic., uncontroll. hypercholesterolem., uncontroll. hypertriglyceridemia, uncontroll. hypothyroidism, hypervitaminosis A. Hypersens. to alitretinoin, other retinoids. Receiv. concom. tmt. with tetracyclines.