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  • Alglucoside Alfa
    1 Drug classified under this active ingredient

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    Enzyme Replacement Therapy. Alglucoside Alfa 50 mg.
    VIAL (pwdr. for conc. infus. sol.): 1.
    20 mg/kg bdy wt I.V. infus. every 2 wks.
    Initial rate: 1 mg/ kg/hr. Grad. incr. by 2
    mg/kg/ hr. every 30 mins. if no signs
    IARs, incr. until max. rate: 7 mg /kg/hr.
    Tmt. by physician experienced in manage.
    Pompe dis. or other inherited
    metabol./neuromusc. dis.
    Long-term enzyme replace. ther. (ERT) in
    comfirmed Pompe dis.(acid alphaglucosidase
    The benefits in pts with late-onset Pompe
    dis. have not been establ.
    C/I: Life-threat. hypersens., when rechall.
    was unsuccessful.