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    Ultrasound Contrast Media. Sulphur Hexafluoride 8 µl/ml.
    VIAL (25 mg of lyophilised pwdr.+ 1 pre-fill. syr. with  5 ml NaCl pwdr. +solven.):1.
    B-mode imaging of card.  chamb., at rest or with stress: 2 ml. Vascul. Doppler imag.: 2.4 ml. A 2nd  inject.  of the recom. dose can be made when deemed necessary by the physician. Elder. pts. - no dose adjust.  needed. Child: Not to use. See Lit.
    In pts. where study without contrast enhancement is inconclusive. Echocardiograp.: this drug is a transpulmon. echocardiograph.  contrast agent for use in pts. with suspect. or establish.  cardiovasc. dis. to provide opacification of card.  chambers and enhance left ventric. endocard. border delineation. Doppler of macrovasculature: this drug increas. the accuracy in detect.or exclus. of abnorm.in cereb. arteries and extracranial carotid or periph. arteries by improv. the Doppler signal to noise ratio. This drug incr.the quality of the Doppler flow image and the durat. of clinical. -useful signal enhancem.  in portal vein assessm. Doppler of microvasculature: this drug improves display of the vascularity of liver and breast lesions during Doppler sonography, leading to more specific lesion characterizat. See Lit.
    C/I: Hypersens. Pts. known or suspected right-to-left, bi-direct.  or transient right-to-left shunts, severe pulmon. hypertens. (pulmon. artery pres. >90 mmHg), uncontrol.  system.hypertens. , and in pts. with adult respirat. distress syndr. In comb. with dobutamine in pts. with conditions suggesting cardiovasc. instability where dobutamine is contraindic.